Stage 2 Support

Based on the IWRM challenges reported by each country during the periodic assessment of SDG 6.5.1, Stage 2 of the Support Programme focuses on formulating appropriate governance responses to strengthen areas that require further support, by designing targeted interventions as a series of investment opportunities, which upon finalisation of Stage 2, should be ready to be funded to ensure that the interventions can transition towards implementation in Stage 3. 

The objective of the Support Programme is to advance IWRM as a means toboost sustainable development, as seen through progress towards SDG 6.5, other SDG 6 targets, and water-related goals. In this sense, the output of Stage 2 is typically an IWRM Action Plan, which should complement the existing IWRM framework, be aligned with broader development priorities, the SDG landscape, and the climate agenda. These IWRM Action Plans should be developed through a multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral gender-sensitive approach. 

The SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme offers limited financial and technical support to interested countries. The information here [ English,  Français,  Español] provide you with more details on how the Support Programme can assist countries in Stage 2. 

For countries and stakeholders interested in engaging in Stage 2, please contact us via

Acceleration Package

The Acceleration Package provides step-by-step guidance and tools on how governments and interested stakeholders in the Stage 2 process can engage in an action planning process for IWRM, from design to implementation. 


SDG 6.5.1 IWRM Action Planning Course

The SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme provides a self-paced online course on UNDP Cap-Net’s Virtual Campus for practitioners interested in designing and implementing action plans to improve IWRM. 

The course takes each participant primarily through a comprehensive training aimed at designing government-endorsed multi-stakeholder action plans to improve IWRM implementation. From concept to implementation, the course provides a clear guide and transferable project management expertise for the successful roll out of action planning activities under Stage 2 of the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme, be it with or without financial and technical assistance from the Support Programme 

The course is freely accessible, customisable and self-paced, and will require around 8-15 hours, depending on participants’ prior knowledge and engagement with reading material, discussion fora and completing assessments. 

Sign up for the course through the following links: