Water – Energy – Food – Ecosystems Nexus

How can we deliver water, energy, and food for everyone in a sustainable and equitable way, while preserving the health of ecosystems that form the basis of economic activity?

Nexus approaches help us move beyond traditional sectoral thinking in order to achieve overall security and sustainability of all natural resources.

What is the WEFE nexus?

The Water – Energy – Food – Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus approach stems from the realisation that all four are inextricably linked. traditional sectoral approach attempting to achieve resource security independently often endangers sustainability and security in one or more of the other sectors. Unfortunately, siloed management and policy fragmentation remain prevalent. The Nexus approach creates the inter-sectoral connections needed to foster integrated management.  


GWP acting on the WEFE nexus

GWP supports WEFE nexus approaches in regions and countries for increased food, water, and energy security, socio-economic development, and sustainability. It does so by engaging in WEFE nexus assessments, supporting governance change, engaging stakeholders, developing capacitysharing knowledge, and supporting local level nexus solutions. GWP also supports interventions for food security and sustainable agriculture. 

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