Republic of the Congo - Enabling Environment

Action 1 - Adopt the national policy on water resources management

In 2019, the Congo General Directorate of Hydraulics, with the support of the Congo Country Water Partnership and GWP Central Africa, brought together stakeholders from government agencies, development partners, NGOs, and civil society to define a series of strategic actions for advancing on IWRM in the Republic of the Congo. The following action was defined as part of that process and identified as a priority action to be included in an action plan.

The purpose of this action is to revise and update the national water and sanitation policy and to prepare a plan for its implementation.

IWRM Dimension: Enabling Environment
SDG 6.5.1 Question: 1.1a. National policy
Level: National
Status of action: Awaiting funding
Related SDG Goal: - 6.5 Integrated water resources management & transboundary cooperation