Dr. Leunita Asande Sumba- Profile

Executive Secretary- Kenya Water Partnership

Dr. Leunita Sumba is the Executive Secretary of the Kenya Water Partnership. She also has other roles as Chairperson of the Women in Water and Sanitation, Association, (WIWAS), a Director at DirectWays Networking (a wastewater treatment company), a Project Committee Member of the Mbooni WaterMart Water Project and an adjunct Lecturer at the Sanitation Research Center-Meru University of Science and Technology, Kenya.

Dr. Leunita Asande Sumba is a passionate trainer and researcher, with 20 years’ experience of working in the water and sanitation sector. She is a former CEO of Kenya Water Institute (KEWI). She served in the Institute as a lecture and as a researcher.   During this period, she gained vast experience in the Water and Sanitation Sector. She holds a PhD in Biology, an MSc in Parasitology and a post-graduate Diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management and a certificate in basics of decentralized wastewater treatment.

Dr. Sumba is passionate about water, sanitation and environment, and is keen on educating the public on the same to elicit behavioural and attitude change. She has organised and led many environmental and river cleanup exercises, seminars and conferences. Her interest in the interaction between water, sanitation, environment and the wellbeing of the population. She coordinated the Pilot Project-Integrating freshwater data into sector-wide decision making to improve the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems. She is leading WIWAS in a programme aimed at addressing challenges faced by manual pit emptiers of Korogocho (sanitation workers). She is currently part of the team undertaking an IDRC funded research project on Transforming Institutions to Advance women leaders in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (SISTARS): Lessons from Ghana and Kenya.

Dr. Sumba enjoys coaching and mentoring young people.