Vision, Mission & Competitive Strength

GWP SA’s Vision is “for a water-secure Southern African region”.

GWPSA’s Mission, set forth in the new Regional Strategy, is “to support the sustainable management and development of water resources at all levels in the region”.

GWP SA’s competitive strength lies in its capacity to bring together stakeholders and mobilize its regional and national multi-stakeholder platforms with a view to such purposes as:

  • Facilitating the mainstreaming of IWRM principles and approaches in national development planning processes;
  • Identifying IWRM training needs and target groups for training;
  • Informing IWRM research priorities and policy content;
  • Facilitating access to IWRM knowledge, contributing to “state of the art” understanding and bridging knowledge gaps; and
  • Providing vehicles for stakeholder consultation and pools of technical expertise in regional and national water policy development and implementation processes, thereby imparting greater credibility, legitimacy and best-practice knowledge to such processes.