Environmental Enlightening for a Digital Society

The strategic course of Turkmenistan is focused on the development of innovative approaches, using digital technologies and forming an ecological culture. The effectiveness of interaction between sectors (government, business and society) and properly built mechanisms of their communication and coordination largely determine the success of national programs. The need of intersectoral interaction mechanisms is determined by national legislation and international obligations of Turkmenistan.

The leading environmental NGOs of Turkmenistan are actively involved into development of intersectoral cooperation mechanisms. One of the tasks is to increase the capacity of public organizations, government agencies, business communities and other stakeholders. In this regard, the NGO "Yashyl Shokhle" under the financial support of the USAID Governance Support Program organized the online/offline seminar “Environmental Enlightening for a Digital Society“ on April 23-24, 2021 in Ashgabat. People from 13 NGOs, mass media and individual entrepreneurs took part in this seminar.

 The two-days seminar included the presentations by the GWP CACENA trainers (Regional coordinator Guljamal Nurmuhammedova and CWP-Turkmenistan partner Arslan Berdyev) and interactive sessions. Trainers introduced the audience to the Active Environmental Education methodology using digital technologies.

 Participants were presented with lectures on the regulatory and legal framework for the protection of nature in Turkmenistan, global challenges and national responses, sources of environmental information, etc.

During interaction sessions participants exchanged experience in organization and logistics of environmental education activities, and also discussed further improvement of environmental education and environmental culture in Turkmenistan.

 During the discussion on the further improvement of environmental education and culture in Turkmenistan, the participants agreed that it is necessary to initiate the development of procedures, mechanisms and tools for the wide involvement of public organizations in this work on the basis of existing legislative acts in the field of nature protection.

 At the end of the seminar, the participants were given the seminar materials, the electronic ecological library, including the latest publications on the realities of the Aral Sea - 2021, as well as the GWP publications.