New SDG 6.5.1 achievement study highlights the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) uniform approach to assessing IWRM progress

This analytical review of two different approaches to IWRM implementation progress assessment highlights the need to use a uniform approach to assessing IWRM progress globally.

 This publication in Russian language was prepared by IFAS Agency Director Vadim Sokolov and CWP-Uzbekistan coordinator Mansur Abduraimov.

 In addition to describing the main problems of creating conditions for IWRM, involving the parties, introducing IWRM instruments and financing IWRM, the authors suggest next steps on implementing IWRM in Uzbekistan.

 Read the study: "ANALYTICAL REVIEW: Degree of SDG 6.5.1 indicator achievement - implementation of integrated water resources management in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2020"