"Your ECO-Infotech" project has been launched in Turkmenistan

In April 2024, Turkmenistan celebrated the 30th anniversary of its cooperation with the European Commission. During the celebration, various projects and long-term programs such as ERASMUS, BOMCA, CADAP, and SECCA, which have been implemented in Turkmenistan, were presented. The event was attended by international missions accredited in Turkmenistan, government departments, teachers and students from Turkmenistan universities, as well as representatives from business and public organizations.

During the celebration, the NGO "Ynanch-Vepa" team, a partner of GWP CACENA, presented the "Your ECO-Infotech" project that they have initiated. This project aims to improve the flow of ecological information, enhance networking among grassroots CSOs in Turkmenistan, and build their capacity to develop and implement public awareness campaigns in the field of environmental education and promotion of environment-friendly business using innovative techniques.

The goal of the "Your ECO-Infotech" project is to strengthen civil society organizations in Turkmenistan as independent actors of good governance and development, contributing to an inclusive, participatory, empowered, and independent civil society and democratic space in Turkmenistan. The planned activities within this project are aimed at assisting the Government of Turkmenistan in mobilizing the civil society sector to address environmental problems, ensuring sustainable development and improving the efficiency and output of reforms in the medium- and long-term perspective.

This project is scheduled to run for 20 months from April 2024 and is co-funded by the EU (60,000 EUR) and GWP CACENA (15,000 EUR).