Roundtable on assessing the progress of UN SDG 6.5.1 “Implementation of IWRM” in Uzbekistan

A round table was held on September 22, 2023, at the Information, Analytical and Resource Centre of the Ministry of Water Resources in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The round table was financially supported by the Global Water Partnership and aimed at assessing the progress of UN SDG No. 6.5.1 “Implementation of IWRM” in the country.

The event was attended by representatives of various sectors, including ministries and departments, international organizations, expert analytical and research circles, and higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan.

The main objectives of the round table were to discuss the progress of the implementation of UN SDG 6.5.1 “Implementation of IWRM” in Uzbekistan, to prepare a national report on the same, and to provide a platform for interaction between stakeholders to mobilize their efforts for the proper implementation of IWRM mechanisms in practice.

During the round table, experts discussed various issues such as the effective and rational use of water resources, preventing negative consequences of climate change, and introducing innovative knowledge and successful experiences in the process of solving these problems. The round table used different approaches such as papers and presentations, questions and answers, and group discussions.