Our six-year strategy, from 2014 to the end of 2019, provides an innovative response to the emerging challenges of our network.

At the launch of its 2014-2019 regional strategy, GWP-CAf identified three main strategic objectives that will enable to advance water resources governance and management in order to achieve its vision of a "Central Africa with water security". These three objectives are interdependent. It is about: "strengthen policy development and implementation", "share knowledge on water" and "strengthen partnerships". All these objectives together create an enabling environment for an integrated approach that has guided all activities at all levels: local, national and regional. By implementing all of them, GWP-CAf has influenced water policies and sustainable development at the country level. In addition to these strategic objectives, GWP-CAf has also developed strategies on gender and youth issues to ensure the effective and quality participation of women and youth for inclusive and intergenerational cooperation.