GWP-CAf – ECCAS collaboration: GWP-CAf and ECCAS discuss the way forward

At the invitation of ECCAS, a meeting was held between the ECCAS Department of Environment, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development (DERNADR) and GWP-Central Africa at the ECCAS headquarters in Libreville, Gabon in December 2022.

The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) committee was represented by HEM. Honoré Tabuna, Commissioner of DERNADR, and Mr. Rémy Moukongo, Forestry expert of the department. The GWP-Central Africa team was represented by its regional Chair, Mr. Sylvain Guébanda, and Executive Secretary, Mr. Djibrilla Mohamadou.

The meeting which was held at the ECCAS office in Libreville, Gabon had as the main objective to strengthen collaboration between the two institutions following the recent institutional reform at the ECCAS. The meeting also focused on understanding ECCAS’s strategy and priorities for water resources management and climate adaptation in the coming year. GWP-CAf’s 2020-2025 strategy and regional focus areas were also part of the meeting’s agenda.

The key outcomes from the fruitful exchange include;

- The revision of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions considering the medium-term strategy of ECCAS and GWP-CAf ;

- ECCAS will provide support to GWP-CAf in the revision of the regional water policy;

- GWP-Central Africa will prepare and present a status report on the management of transboundary basins in the region;

- ECCAS Risk and Disaster Expert, Mr. Semingar Ngaryamngaye, was designated as a focal point within ECCAS to facilitate discussions between the two institutions;

-  Development of joint actions within the framework of water saving;

These points will be the subject of a 6-month roadmap, pending the finalization of the new Memorandum of Understanding.