GWP-CAf participate in GWP Regional Days in Amman

GWP held its annual Regional Meetings on 13-16 May in Amman, Jordan, with the participation of all regional staff, including the GWP-CAf staff represented by its President, its Regional Coordinator and the Communication Officer. For this year, the Regional Days had as main objectives (i) to build a common understanding of the GWP Strategy 2020-2025, (ii) to come to a common understanding of GWP’s work in convening multi-stakeholder dialogue and (iii) to advance the 3-year work programming exercise 2020-2022.

This meeting provided an opportunity for each staff to express their views on the new strategy and to clarify areas of misunderstanding. During four days of intense work, GWP staff exchanged ideas to have a better understanding and ownership of the new 2020/2025 strategy, the preparation of which began in 2018, with a very active contribution from GWP-CAf and its partners. The discussions focused on the new approach to this strategy, which is centred around "We mobilise", "We act" and "We learn". This allowed all regions to share their experiences and see how to implement the new strategy, in accordance with the different regional contexts.

At the end of this meeting, it appears that multi-stakeholder platforms and partnerships will be a key ingredient in the new Strategy.