Central African Republic Commits to Strengthening Climate Change adaptation through GCF Readiness

After nominating Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO) as the implementing partner for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness program, the Central African Republic National Climate Coordination, through the support of GWP Central African Republic (GWP-CAR), the Ministry in charge of Water and the Ministry in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development organized a national multi-stakeholder workshop on June 22nd, 2021, in Bangui, to present and approve the country’s draft proposal for GCF Readiness programme

The workshop is part of CAR’s GCF readiness proposal process which began in the last quarter of 2020, following the country’s request for support to GWP-CAf  to build its capacity to mobilize GCF readiness funds, to strengthen its climate change adaptation actions. For the CAR, the GCF Readiness proposal is aligned with the 3rd pillar of the Central African Republic National Recovery and Peacebuilding Plan (RCPCA) and  the Government's policy on environmental protection and the fight against climate change, making it of high relevance to the country.

The workshop brought together over thirty participants from sectoral ministries, civil society organizations, technical and financial partners, and the private sector. The overview of the GCF Readiness Program was presented to the participants by Mr. Boris BEMOKOLO, the Country Focal Point for the GCF. He also highlighted the gaps identified after the implementation of the two prior GCF Readiness Grants received through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Central Africa Forest Commission (COMIFAC) which prompted this third readiness process.

The national consultant in charge of the preparation of CAR Readiness proposal, Dr. Eric Foto presented the country’s readiness proposal aimed at advancing the CAR Country Programme by supporting the NDA (National Designated Authorities) and identified potential national institutions in progressing Direct Access and programme development for climate finance. He also presented thetheory of change and detailed logframe.  

The consultant further outlined the barriers and risks that the country faces in mobilizing the GCF Readiness funding. Participants engaged in enriching discussions on the proposal, reviewed the theory of change and the logical framework of the readiness proposal before adopting it with minor amendments. A task force was put in place to finalize the proposal by the end of June with the consultant.

The Central African Republic, Country Water Partnership (GWP-CAR) Chair, Mr. Rodrigue YAKENDE, closed the workshop with a note of thanks to the participants and partners for their commitment and contributions towards this process which will go a long way to support the country’s efforts towards mobilizing finance for its climate change actions.