Why be a GWP-CAf Partner ?

GWP partners with more than 3,000 organisations that share its aims and values in tackling the sustainable development, management, and use of water resources. Partners share information and experiences, and draw on each other for advice and assistance

Benefits of partnering with GWP:

  • Opportunities to interact with other Partners;
  • Help with identifying critical water issues;
  • Opportunities to match one Partner's needs with another's resources;
  • Opportunities to help to shape the IWRM approach at regional and national level;
  • Mobilising a voice in regional and international fora for water resources management;
  • Practical help; and
  • Capacity building opportunities.

There are also a few obligations:

  • Co-ordinate its relevant activities with those of other concerned organizations;
  • Share information and experience freely with the other Partners;
  • Give advice and professional contributions to the Network and to other Partners, on such conditions as may be agreed free of charge up to a reasonable level and at a mutually agreed charge above that level.

Any organisation that agrees with the Dublin-Rio Principles can become a Partner of GWP. It is free and application forms are available here.