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Youth and Civil Society Organizations in Central Africa trained on the GWP IWRM Toolbox

About eighty representatives of youth and civil society organizations working in the water and climate sector in Congo, Cameroon, Chad, and the Central African Republic have received training on how the GWP IWRM toolbox can improve their involvement in Integrated Water Resources Management processes across the region.
/ Central Africa

Central African Youths en route to the 9th World Water Forum

In preparation for the 9th World Water Forum to be held in Dakar in 2022, the Network of Water and Climate Organizations of Central African Youth (RECOJAC) organized a regional workshop on September 24th, 2021 within the framework of its Dakar 2022 youth mobilization project, Central African Youths Towards Dakar 2022 (CAY-TDAKAR2022), funded by UNESCO and supported by GWPO and GWP-CAf.

GWP-CAf takes part in the First Global Water Partnership Virtual Regional Days 2020

Every year, all GWP Regions meet to brainstorm, share knowledge and learn about current challenges and future opportunities for the network at the annual regional days. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, this year’s regional days was held virtually for a period of four days, starting June 1st with over 100 participants at the opening plenary chaired by the outgoing Executive Secretary (ES), Monika Weber-Fahr . All regions were fully represented including GWP-CAf which was represented by the Regional Chair, Regional coordinator, as well as the Finance and Communications officers.
/ Central Africa

Introducing IWRM to the students of the University of Dschang in Cameroon.

In the framework of strengthening partnership, established since 2007, between GWP-CAf and the University of Dschang, oriented towards providing technical support in the delivery of IWRM related courses at the university, GWP-CAf Staff offered course on Water and Socio-Economic Development, at the School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources, Ebolowa Campus, from 27th -29th of May 2016.


Since 2014, on the invitation of the School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources, GWP-CAf have been facilitating the delivery of the course on Water and Socio-Economic Development (LPEE 233) for 1st year students of the School at the University of Dschang satellite campus in Ebolowa, South Region in Cameroon.


The School of Wood, Water and Natural Resources is part of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of the University of Dschang.