The cornerstone of GWP China is to be a knowledge sharing network. It was pioneered by GWP China Regional, Provincial and River Basin Partnerships and also fully supported by GWPO and the GWP Technical Committee, a group of internationally recognized professionals and scientists who are at the forefront of proposing actions that promote sustainable water resources management.

GWP China shares knowledge through publications, website, workshops, training courses and informal exchanges.

Workshops and training courses are the main ways of transferring knowledge and build capacity. GWP China has organized workshops and training courses at many levels cover topics ranging from participatory approaches and gender awareness to financing and flood management.

There are several universities and research institutions at national, provincial and local level that use the IWRM and ToolBox in their curriculum. Until last year, GWP China , with the help of GWP, has built a closer working relationship on knowledge sharing with universities in China and other countries. Through different activities, GWP China gathered academia professionals on a regular basis to explore the appropriate tools for introducing the IWRM concept into education syllabi.

Further plans of GWP China will include helping GWP establish an IWRM Knowledge Centers hosted at national and regional universities and other educational institutions. Such a network of educational institutions can promote IWRM, share knowledge and experiences and building capacity.

(Photo: IWRM Toolbox Training Workshop in Hohai University in 2014)