Born in November, 2000......

For the sustainable development of China’s water resources and better international exchanges and cooperation, GWP China Technical Advisory Committee (GWP China TAC) was established in November 2000 with the approval of the relevant governmental institutions. Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO) has defined GWP China as a Regional Water Partnership. Dr. Liang Ruiju was the first Chair and since September in 2003 Dr. Dong Zheren has been the Chair of GWP China and Mr. Yang Zhenhuai has been the Honorary Chair.

In September 2006, GWP China held the Partners Meeting, adopting the Statutes of China Committee of Global Water Partnership, transforming from a Regional TAC into a Regional Water Partnership and establishing the Global Water Partnership China. By democratic election, the first Council of GWP China was founded. On the first council meeting, Dr. Dong Zheren was elected Chair and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of GWP China was founded.

In April 2008, Mr.Wang Shucheng, former Minster of Water Resources, was elected Chair of GWP China; Dr. Dong Zheren, Standing Vice Chair of GWP China and Chair of GWP China Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Mr. Wang Hao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice Chair of GWP China.

In March, 2016, by the democratic election at the 3rd GWP China Regional Partners' Meeting, Mdm. Cai Qihua was elected as the Chair of GWP China, who is the first lady chair in the region. She is the lead of a larger council group of GWP China with totally 148 members.