Work Package 6: Capacity Development

Under the Strategic Goal 2 Generate and Share Knowledge, the WACDEP Programme of GWP China Region stresses cross-regional cooperation, network with different provinces, sectors and organizations.

The Work Package 6 is supporting the implementation of the Programme from aspect of knowledge production and dissemination, communication, fundraising, human resources and administration.

The designed objectives and activities under this package will be provision of capacity for delivering all the other work packages.  By raising the awareness and understanding of tools, it will support the implementation of the Capacity Building Program on water security and climate resilience financed by the Capacity Development and Knowledge Network. The capacity development services to safeguard no/low regret investments and integrate these into national development planning processes.

The work package of capacity development works towards the collaboration with the capacity building network for IWRM and the development of capacity building network for China Region.

The primary activities will be establishing consulting advisors group of water and climate security and organizing capacity building and training for partnerships, institutions and stake-holders.

· Upgrade and develop training modules and tools for implementing the capacity building plan;
· Knowledge/technical experts and consulting group;
· Organize the tailored training courses to strengthen concept and skills of the programme management and operation.