Work Package 8: Governance and Fundraising

Under the Strategic Goal 3 Strengthen Partnerships, the WACDEP Programme of GWP China Region stresses cross-regional cooperation, network with different provinces, sectors and organizations.

The Work Package 8 is supporting the implementation of the Programme from aspect of fundraising, human resources and administration.

The method of session, training, interview, dialogue, progress evaluation/review, internal or external capacity building,, etc would enable our results, outcomes and products to be widely cognized for the promotion of key messages of GWP, i.e. climate financing, adaptation, water security, environment and ecosystem sustainability. Each partner or boundary actor of any work package is our best promoter, supervisor, consultant or advisor who should be much more aware of the workout than anyone outside the Programme.

It is planned to strengthen the capacity of the GWP China network to facilitate the WACDEP program, especially with respect to elaborating the Program documents, carrying out annual audits of the program and preparing technical and financial progress reports. With the strong basis of governance and funds, the WACDEP will be more effectively implemented. The better management skills, including monitoring, evaluation and reflection can draw lessons, improve implementation and enhance fundraising for programs promoting water security and climate resilience.

· Group session for programme implementation evaluation and annual review;
· Capacity building for key managers of the WACDEP;
· Annual audit of the WACDEP;
· More participation in global, regional and national meetings to review and guide programme implementation.