Joint GWP Technical Committee and GWP China Seminar: Sharing Water

Global Water Partnership Technical Committee (GWP TEC) and Global Water Partnership China Region (GWP China) will exchange experience regarding water sharing as well as river basin management in China on January 31 - February 1, 2018 in Beijing.

Participants will have the chance to discuss and learn about the critical principles for water sharing procedures during the seminar. Epxerts from GWP TEC and GWP China will respectively present various cases of water sharing including expriences in Australia and China. Commonalities and differences in water sharing principles across regions and cultures will also be discussed and summarized.

On the second day, the seminar will focus on the new tools for implementing IWRM to reach water security, including water stewardship and collaborative modeling. GWP China will share its experience in promoting IWRM in China.

East Juyanhai Dock