World Water Day 2018

March 19 to 24, 2018, the 8th World Water Forum is organized in Brasilia, Brazil. The theme is "Sharing Water".

World Water Forum (WWF) is the world's largest water-related event. Using the opportunity,  the GWP demonstrates the impact of its multi-stakeholder partnership on improving the way the world manages its water resources.

GWP China has participated in the Forum since 2006.  During the 8th WWF, the Regional Partnerships and GWPO will involve in over 40 events during the week and many network Partners will be present.

GWP China will contribute to the Urban Theme which emphasizes "Circular Economy and Water Development" on March 22;  "Water Governance and Communication in Cities" on March 20 at 11h00 to 12h30 in Room ST 6 (M12); as well as "Water Security and SDGs" on March 19 at 14h30 to 16h00 in Room ST3 which is organized by the Ministry of Water Resources of China, World Water Council and Brazil Government, Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren, GWP Chair, is invited to be a key panelist at the Session.

During the Forum, GWP will mobilize its partnership to implement the Sustainable Development Goal on water (#6), GWP is launching its ActOnSDG6 campaign. The campaign is a call for decision makers to ensure that water management actions are integrated across sectors, and that investments in water are both increased and sustainable. GWP is prepared to put its multi-stakeholder partnership at the service of the global development community to speed up the coordinated action that is needed.

To read more about World Water Forum 8, please visit the website.