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GWP China Vice Chair Hao WANG Wins Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize

Vice-Premier of China He LIU, delivered the trophy to Hao WANG, regional standing vice-chair of GWP China, at the annual award ceremony of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for recent progress he has made in water-related science and technology Monday.
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Drawing Estuaries Management & Development

August 26-30, 2019, supported by the Global Water Partnership China (GWP China), the Pearl River Water Resources Commission (PRWRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources of China (MWR), on occasion of its 60th anniversary, invited stakeholders from member states under the East Asia Summit (EAS) to Guangzhou for sharing practices and innovations in the estuary management, coastal growth and regional collaborations.
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2019 World Water Week: Youth in Water Security

August 25-30, 2019, GWP had a strong presence at this year’s Stockholm World Water Week (WWW). A large delegation participated in over 30 sessions, and the GWP Strategy for 2020-2025 was launched at a side event. Youth Professionals’ booth – was jointly hosted by GWP and Asian Development Bank (ADB), sharing youth engagement stories and operation model by GWP China, ASEAN, GWPO, ADB youth and water teams, Central Asia Youth for Water Network and Water Youth Network.
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Global Partners Make the GWP Network Meeting 2019

29 hours of the GWP Network Meeting 2019 attracted an audience of 10,000 and 2500 views of the Facebook site, as well as nearly 400 readers of the thematic report on GWP WeChat. Big L♥ve to all for arriving the great success of this event.
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Junior Water Award for the International Children's Day

Before the International Children’s Day (June 1st), 15 teams of 13-19-year-old young people convened in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province to share their inventions with experts and the public and to realize their innovative solutions to improve water and environment in and around their schools at the Junior Water Prize (JWP) Final.
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China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research | Postgraduate Admission | Open to International Applicants

China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in water and water relevant sectors who make a difference nationally, regionally or globally. IWHR, which is based in Beijing, China, has an enrollment of 314 graduate, and professional students. The international programmes of Advanced study is OPEN to apply NOW!
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On GWP Chair Bamsey: Ties of Nature in Water and Climate

Howard Bamsey, the new chair of the Global Water Partnership (GWP), was the UN ambassador to Geneva, special envoy for climate change, and top leader of the Green Climate Foundation (GCF). Being invited to "the Master Lecture" organised by the IWHR, he brought a unique standpoint in the relationship between ‘climate change’ and ‘policies’. “A fall into the pit again in your wit” embedded in his insight and analysis on the lessons and learned, revealing political difficulties and challenges.
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How GWP's Partners Achieve #LeavingNoOneBehind

#LeavingNoOneBehind is another global campaign of GWP in March of 2019. Multiple partners in the network from 85 countries are loyal supporters to GWP on this theme in the run-up to #WWD2019.