Dr. Koetlisi Andreas Koetlisi

Title: Country Programme Manager - Lesotho ICM Project, Africa Water Investment Programme

Country: Lesotho

Institution: Global Water Partnership Southern Africa

Email:  koetlisi.koetlisi@gwpsaf.org

Dr. Koetlisi is an inspired interdisciplinary researcher, soil scientist, sustainable land management, and land restoration expert who endeavours to bridge the knowledge gap for the betterment of ecosystem development and sustainability, good land management suitable and capable to support recent environmental and agronomic needs, land monitoring, land degradation neutrality targeting, climate change resilience, climate-smart agriculture, soil remediation and reclamation of degraded lands, soil moisture management, digital soil mapping, research innovations, and projects coordination.

He has eight years of experience within the natural resource management (NRM) career with an emphasis on the identification, planning, and implementation of NRM priority activities. He provided consultancy to WAPCOS Limited for the preparation of the Irrigation Master Plan for Kingdom of Lesotho and coordinated a national project - Lesotho Soil Information System, which was funded by FAO-UN.

As the Lesotho Integrated Catchment Management Country Programme Manager, he will be responsible for the coordination, monitoring, and reporting of in-country day-day activities following Global Water Partnership Southern Africa’s (GWPSA) internal controls and protocols, and the Project Grant Agreement. Under the leadership of the GWPSA Transboundary and Environment Specialist, Dr. Koetlisi will be working with the Lesotho ICM Coordination Unit and the GIZ Lesotho teams. Amongst other duties, he remains responsible for supporting the implementation of project activities, including planning and liaising with project stakeholders in Lesotho and acting as the focal point for GWP supported activities in Lesotho. The Country Program manager will also support implementation of assigned GWPSA Regional transboundary projects under the Africa Water Investment Programme portfolio on Transboundary PIDA Water Investments within the SADC region and Africa.