Visiting the Gissar Field Experimental Center in Tajikistan

On 7 July 2014, Mr. Abdybay Djailoobaev, Manager of the WACDEP CACENA, and Mr. Vadim Sokolov, GWP CACENA Regional Coordinator, were invited by Prof. Yarash Pulatov, President of CWP-Tajikistan, to visit the Gissar Field Experimental Center of the Research Institute "TajikNIIGiM". There was organized demonstration of activities under CWP-Tajikistan's supervision as a contribution to the WACDEP CACENA. The goal of demo activities is to test irrigation technologies for different aftercrops (followed winter wheat) and to show possibilities for farmers to gain more benefit from the same irrigated area. The second direction at this Center is to test different advanced irrigation techniques such as drip, sprinkler, etc.

During this visit, Mr. Abdybay Djailoobaev, Manager of the WACDEP CACENA, obtained more information about progress done by Tajik national team within the on-going WACDEP CACENA demo project aimed to mitigate drought conditions under climate change impacts.

Prof. Pulatov tells about specifics of demonstrations at the field located within the Gissar Research Center.

The experimental field with cotton late planted (in May) – almost one month later that normal.

Prof. Pulatov demonstrates advanced irrigation techniques which are being tested in the field condition.

Garden with cabbages in between the trees rows.