Welcome to join the online Network Meeting

The annual GWP Network Meeting will be held on 11 October at 13.00 Central European Time (CET). It is a virtual meeting, to be broadcast on the GWP website www.gwp.org – with a special guest message from UN Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Jan Eliasson. A live session will be held in connection to this on GWP’s Facebook page – we welcome your questions and comments.

DSG Eliasson has long nurtured a passion for water issues – something he spoke of recently in an in-depth interview with British newspaper The Guardian, where he said he is happiest to be known as the “water man”. He also gave a keynote address at the 2016 Stockholm World Water Week, in a high level session on Building a Resilient Future through Water, where he spoke of his personal experience from 24 years back, when he was Emergency Relief Coordinator for the UN in Somalia. He saw small children die in front of him from dehydration, dysentery and diarrhea, and this was the moment he decided to never stop fighting for the fundamental right to water and sanitation.

To support the important worldwide work that GWP is doing on water governance, the DSG will now address GWP’s Partners, speaking from his point of view and experience in the UN. He will also speak about how the Network can work to support countries in implementing the water-related SDGs tied to the Paris climate agreement.

The DSG has agreed to answer questions from the Network – for this occasion, we welcome you to email questions for the DSG to gwpnm@gwp.org by 20 September.


GWP Leaders Talk

Also answering questions at the Network Meeting, will be GWP Executive Secretary Rudolph Cleveringa – the same email address is valid for questions to him.

Mr. Cleveringa will give an overview of the 2015 activities of the GWP network and he will also comment on the 2015 financial report, give a review of a recent Network assessment, as well as comment on local funding and partner engagement. In addition, Mr. Cleveringa will be available for live interaction on GWP’S Facebook page – at 13.45 CET – where he will answer questions as they come in.

The Network Meeting will also be an opportunity to get to know GWP Chair Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren, as she will speak to the GWP Partners about her vision for the network. Dr. Sanjaasuren took up her role as Chair in July, and at the time she spoke of why now is a crucial point in time for GWP influence the global agenda. Now, a few months later, she will give feedback on her first impressions of being part of the GWP Network.


We invite you to submit questions and comments in advance so that those can be addressed in the recorded messages or during the Facebook Live segment which is an interview with the GWP Executive Secretary, Rudolph Cleveringa. Please send your questions or comments by Friday, September 30 to GWPNM@gwp.org.