Global Water Partnership China's Secretary General on Recycled Water

During the 18th World Water Resources Congress in Beijing, CCTV's "Focus Interview" produced a themed interview on values and contributions of reclaimed water, JIANG Yunzhong, regional secretary general of GWP China, explained audiences how reused water can help cities "quench thirst".

In the program, talking about 'the value and significance of reclaimed water', JIANG Yunzhong said, "In the latest China Water Resources Bulletin released by the Ministry of Water Resources, the utilization of unconventional water sources such as recycled water in China reached 17.58 billion cubic meters in 2022. Although this number has significantly increased, experts believe that there is still great potential for exploration in the utilization of recycled water."

                                                     JIANG Yunzhong on 'Focus Interview'

Regarding the quantity of reused resources, Jiang Yunzhong shows that national sewage discharge is 62.58 billion cubic meters, and now nearly 18 billion cubic meters have been reused, equivalent to 44 billion cubic meters of water that has not been recycled. In other words, let us look at the productivity of the Middle Route of the South-North Water Diversion. The average annual water transfer volume of the Middle Route of the South to North Water Diversion is 9.5 billion cubic meters, which means that more than 40 billion cubic meters of water can be recycled,  equivalent to be quintupled over water volume of the Middle Route of the South- North Water Diversion. From this, we can also see its utilization space. If we can improve the recycling rate of over 40 billion cubic meters of water, it will be of great help in solving the water shortage problem in many parts of China. Because recycled water relatively does not need to be transferred from other places and is not affected by weather changes, it can play a good complementary role with conventional water sources, which is also an advantage of using recycled water.

"At present, sewage treatment technology has made significant progress compared to before, and the corresponding standards have become more mature and refined, which is conducive to promoting the entire use of renewable water resources. From policies and pricing mechanisms, the country has also been exploring through pilot projects to explore a more suitable path for the use of renewable water resources in China, "he said, "Reusing treated sewage as a new type of water resource to alleviate water crisis is a practice that many countries are currently adopting. There is still considerable room for the use of renewable water resources in China. The Ministry of Water Resources and the National Development and Reform Commission have jointly issued guidance, proposing that by 2025, the utilization rate of renewable water resources in cities with water scarcity at or above the prefecture level in China will reach over 25%. Only by continuously promoting the use of renewable water resources can we alleviate the supply and demand of water resources Provide strong support for conflicts and improving water safety assurance capabilities."

China is a country with a severe shortage of water resources: over 400 out of more than 600 cities lack water. Renewable water use is an important way to alleviate urban water scarcity. The main source of renewable water use is the reuse of reclaimed water. Reclaimed water refers to the wastewater and sewage generated in daily life and production. After treatment, it meets a certain water quality standard and can be reused within a certain range as non drinking water. The water quality is between sewage and drinking water. Reclaimed water can be used to supply urban greening, sanitation, flushing toilets, industrial water, and watering fields.

Focus Interview is a television news commentary program mainly focused on in-depth reporting, launched by the News Review Department of CCTV on April 1, 1994. The 13-minute TV program airs on the first program of CCTV at 19:38 every day and replays on this program at 8:22 the next day. Focus Interview has now become a well-known television program for Chinese audiences and one of the highest rated programs on CCTV. The ratings of 'Focus Interview' remain stable at around 30%, with about 300 million viewers watching this program every night.