GWP China Hunan Acts During "World Water Day 2023" and "China Water Week 2023" --Science in Saving Water

World Water Day 2023 is accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. March 22 will celebrate the 31st World Water Day. The 36th China Water Week, from March 22 to 28, 2023, is working on 'Water Control by Law and Common Protection for the Mother River'.

March 18, 2023
, GWP China Hunan, along with Hunan Institute of Water Resources and Hydroposer Research  and Hunan Provincial Water Sector, organized water-related science communications and activities on 'Promoting Nationwide Water Saving for Happy Hunan' in Hunan Provincial Library. It invited Hunan water authority, provincial library staff, teachers and students of Hunan Fengshushan Primary School and more citizens from local communities.

The library hall was furnished with water-saving publications, campaign balloons. GWP China Hunan shared thematic promotion card and gifts with participants. They prepared colorful water-saving experiments, water knowledge stories and quizzes for teenagers.

Young volunteers from Changsha University of Technology demonstrate the public water-related experiments, including 'coagulation and sedimentation experiment', and 'bouncing bubbles' to help them understand 'water' in physical and chemical aspects.

Prof. Xingyi XU from Hunan Water Institute delivered participants water management stories from ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad, and current challenges owing to water scarcity. Afterwards, she also shared water-saving tips in daily life and how to cultivate water-saving habits.

The On-site Trivia Quiz raised questions to students about water roles, water scientists and water-saving skills, with prizes given to those who answer correctly.

More than 200 people participated in this activity, enjoying an active and inspiring atmosphere at the event site. It was convinced variously inclusive activities facilitated the public to engaged in the water related learning and knowledge sharing, in particularly students and their parents.