GWP China Shared Products at 2023 Regional Work Conference

January 13, 2024, 2023 Annual Regional Work Meeting of the Global Water Partnership China was held in Beijing. It adopted a combination of online live streaming and offline participation.

The main venue invited leaders and representatives, including PENG Jing, President of the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR); XU Jing, Deputy Director of the International Economic and Technological Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Water Resources and GWP SC Member; SHEN Kejun, Division Head of the International Cooperation and Technology Department of the Ministry of Water Resources, and professors Xia Xinghui and Yin Xin'an from the School of Environment of Beijing Normal University.

In addition, vice chairs and committee members of GWP China; leaders of provincial/river basin water partnerships; as well as managers of the Belt and Road Working Committee and the Marine Professional Committee were invited to attend the meeting. Nearly 70 people, online and offline, participated in this event.

                                                                      Online & Offline  

The annual work conference moderated by CAI Qihua, GWP China Chair. It was opened by the speeches from PENG Jing, President of IWHR, and Laurent-Charles Tremblay-Lévesque, Senior Network Officer of GWPO.

                                                                                  CAI Qihua

In her addressing, PENG Jing said, "as the host institute of GWP China, IWHR is always a strong support in strengthening GWP China's construction under the leadership of the Ministry of Water Resources, providing sustainable aid in office environment and intelligent resources. Both sides also strive to strengthen business coordination and cooperation. IWHR creates favorable conditions for the association to carry out international exchanges and cooperation with ASEAN countries, regions, and other international organizations such as Cambodia, and promotes GWP China to continuously improve and make it stronger. "

                                                                              PENG Jing

                                           Laurent-Charles Tremblay-Lévesque(Online)

On behalf of GWP China regional office, Jiang Yunzhong, Secretary General and regional coordinator, presented the 2023 Work Report and 2024 Plan of GWP China. He said, "with the strong support of our host institute and partner organizations, as well as GWPO, GWP China and its provincial/river basin water partnerships, have worked towards the goal of promoting the high-quality development of water resources in the new stage, adhering to the purpose of implementing the strategic research of water resources and the comprehensive management of water resources, taking the two main lines of work at home and abroad, actively carrying out research, building exchange platforms, spreading advanced ideas, expanding foreign cooperation, and hosting/co sponsoring and organizing/participating in more than 40 activities in total. We have successfully completed all tasks and achieved expected goals."

                                                                             JIANG Yunzhong

Looking ahead to 2024, he told partners that we would participate in international water cooperation dialogues and strive to make new and greater contributions to water-related reform and development.

After his report, the partcipants learned working summaries from Su Yu, Deputy Secretary General of GWP China Fujian; Xu Zhenci, Secretary General of GWP China Hebei; Huang Shengzhi, Secretary General of GWP China Shaanxi; Tian Yuqing, Secretary General of GWP China Yellow River Basin; Sheng Dong, Secretary General of GWP China Hunan; Wu Daoxi, Chair of GWP China Yangtze River Basin; Yang Shaohui, Deputy Secretary General of the the Belt and Road Working Committee; and Gong Xun, Secretary General of the Ocean Professional Committee.

CAI invited vice chairs, committee members, supervisors and other representatives to jointly review the 2023 Work Report of GWP China. And all were invited to prove the proposal of establishing a professional committee of water rights and water market. It was initiated by GWP China for adding more value in the achor area of water rights and marketing operation.

By wrapping up the annual working conference, CAI said, "in 2023, under the guidance of the Ministry of Water Resources and GWPO, with the strong support of IWHR and the joint efforts of partners and water partnerships in provinces and river basins, we achieved effective results by deepening water strategy research, strengthening water resource management, promoting water knowledge sharing, telling the Chinese water story well, and exploring international water cooperation, achieving a series of distinctive and fruitful results. These outcomes are relied on supports of our committee members, partner organizations and local water partnerships, on behalf of GWP China, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and greetings to everyone! "

                                                                   Online & Offline Exchanges 

She expressed that 2024 is a crucial year for fully implementing the 14th Five -Year-Plan. It is necessary to do a good job in various fields, including water resources. Promote the construction of think tanks, promote water conservancy science popularization, expand foreign cooperation, strengthen self construction, and continuously improve the academic leadership, strategic support, platform cohesion, and international influence of the research association. I also hope that the Vice Chairmen, Directors, Supervisors, and Members will continue to care and support the work of the Research Association, strengthen communication and exchange, enhance mutual assistance and cooperation, actively offer suggestions and make new contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the Research Association.