Water-Saving Thematic Campaigns in Hunan Province

March 22nd to 28th, 2024, GWP China Hunan launched water-saving related campaigns in schools and communities.

GWP China Hunan organized diverse water-saving related events in local schools and communities, together with Hunan Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Technology and Hunan Water Society.

The designed activities included:

1) "I, for saving water" that guided students to establish awareness of water conservation and protection and cultivate good water-saving habits.

2) "Handwritten Competition on 'Water Conservation, Protection and Love'" that aimed to promote good habits of water conservation among teachers and students in their daily lives and enhance their awareness of water conservation and protection.

3)"Photography Competition on The Most Beautiful River in My Hometown" that encouraged contemporary college students to actively discover the beauty of their hometown water, enhance their awareness of mountain, river and river protection, and jointly protect their hometown water resources through practical actions.

4)"Scientific and Harmonious Water Use" that referred to public dissemination, paintings and creations in communities. It would guide residents to master scientific water use methods, enhance their awareness of water conservation and love, and establish the concept of green and sustainable development.

5) "Comic Book Collection and Gallery on 'Water Conservation in Heart, Protecting Water in Emotion'" that aimed to share the knowledge of water conservation and protection with teachers and students in the form of comics, and promote the ecological concept of water conservation and protection.

According to the statistics, the campaigns attracted over two thousand local people to get involved and contribute to the promotions.