The Belt and Road Working Committee

On March 29, 2023, the Belt and Road Working Committee of GWP China was established after signing the MoU between GWP China and China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). The founding of the Working Committee marked the exploration of the GWP China's regional network to engage the private sector.

The Belt and Road Working Committee of Global Partnership China (hereinafter referred to as "Working Committee")

Established Time

March 29,2023

The working Committee was inaugurated on March 29,2023, in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Institutional Structure

Honorary Chair: ZHANG Chunyuan (Mr), former vice chair of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and former vice minister of the Ministry of Water Resources of China

Senior Advisor: CAO Zhuan (Prof/Mr), Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Chair: MA Zeping (Mr), Vice President of China State Construction Corporation Limited

Standing Chair: LIU Yanfeng (Mr), chair of China State Construction Corporation (Guangxi) Headquarters

Vice Chair and Secretary-General: SHEN Biao (Mr), President of the China River Chief Think Tank

Secretariat and Host Institute

Host Institute of the Secretariat: China State Construction (Guangxi) headquarters

Secretariat Location: Building A, Guangxi International Finance Center, No.20, Jinpu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region.

Task and Responsibilities

(1) Focus on Guangxi and build a new pattern of water network

Relying on the unique location of Guangxi, focusing on the high-quality development of water conservancy in Guangxi, and taking strengthening cooperation in water resources as an important starting point, we will help the autonomous region to build a new pattern of "two horizontal, eight vertical and six rivers" through water research, building communication platforms, and transforming scientific and technological achievements, and build a new highland of openness and development.

(2) Leading in science and technology and all-round cooperation

In Guangxi strategic opportunity for traction, with water resources science and technology innovation demand as the guidance, in the major water conservancy project construction, modern water network and wading related industry planning and construction, effective utilization of water resources, disaster prevention, water ecological environment protection and restoration, digital twin basin and digital twin engineering to carry out all-round cooperation.

(3) Coordinating forces to promote cross-regional development

Cling to the western Lu Hai new channel, the pearl river —— xijiang economic belt, RCEP national strategic opportunities, as a whole forces, promote across regional water resources basic research, applied research and integration innovation, power "Belt and Road" across regions, across basins, cross-national water resources, water security, water ecological symbiosis coordinated development, efforts for Guangxi and "Belt and Road" national and regional water conservancy high quality development to provide scientific support and construction.

(4) Build a platform to enhance its international influence

We should make full use of the international network resources of global water partners, build international cooperation and exchange platforms through various academic exchange activities, promote the popularization of China's water resources development, utilization and management concepts to the world, and enhance China's voice and influence in the global water-related field.

Function and Impact

Committed to promote Guangxi and "Belt and Road" cross-regional cross-basin comprehensive management and sustainable utilization of water resources, by providing the top-level design, project planning, resource integration and other scientific support, in water conservancy project construction, water resources utilization, ecological restoration, rural revitalization to carry out all-round cooperation, provide important decision Suggestions for government departments. Strive to build a strong academic leading force, strategic support, platform cohesion, international influence characteristics of new think-tank and neutral cooperation platform, power in Guangxi build "two horizontal eight longitudinal, six river connected" new pattern of modern water network, to build closer China-asean fate community, for the construction of a new era of Chinese characteristics magnificent Guangxi construction should contribute strength.