GWP China Shaanxi

GWP China Shaanxi was set up in June, 2004, for promoting IWRM for the sustainable use of water resources and sustainable development of society and economy.

GWP China Shaanxi is a professional, provincial, non-profit and non-governmental social organization consisting of corporates, public institutions and individuals that support Shaanxi’s sustainable utilization of water resources and are committed to promoting holistic management of water resources and development of water resources utilization.

Time of Establishment:
After the approval of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, GWP China Shaanxi was registered and founded in June, 2004.

Brief History:
GWP China Shaanxi is a Country Level Partnership of Global Water Partnership China which is a Regional Level Partnership. It is a social organization initiated by Liu Shuji, Deputy Director of the 9th Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, Peng Qian, the Former Director of Committee of Agriculture and Industry of the Standing Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress, Wei Chengshou, the Former Deputy Chef of Provincial Department of Water Resources, Shi Jian, the Former Chief Engineer, and Zhang Wiyin, the Former Deputy Inspector, approved by Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, and founded in June, 2004. It aims to unite and mobilize all the practitioners committed to and involved in promoting holistic management and sound development of water resources. It actively enhances the holistic management of water resources in Shaanxi Province, seeks countermeasures to water shortage, floods, and water pollution, aims to achieve sustainable utilization of water resources, and promotes economically and socially sustainable development. The organization is currently under the 2nd Council.

Shaanxi Provincial Information Center of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Projects, Hydrographic and Water Resources Survey Bureau of Shaanxi Province

The Chairman of the 1st Council of GWP China Shaanxi is Liu Shuji, the Deputy Director of the 9th Committee of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Congress; the Chairman of the 2nd Council of GWP China Shaanxi is Sun Pingan, the Former Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources

Internal Governance:
Partner representatives elect the Council, which is the decision-making body, with a Secretariat and Executive Council under it as the administration and execution body. Now, Xi'an University of Technology is the host institute of Shaanxi Water Partnership Office. 

Main Works:
(1) Coordinate and conduct research and exchange activities relating to sustainable utilization and holistic management of water resources, promote exchange and cooperation among water resources related departments, organizations, partners, experts, and the public;
(2) Conduct research on sustainable utilization of provincial water resources, propose suggestions and provide services to governments of all levels, water related departments and water users;
(3) Promote legal system building of holistic management of water resources, protection of water ecological environment and sustainable utilization of water resources;
(4) Promote and conduct protection of water resources and water environment in Shaanxi Province;
(5) Promote and conduct domestic and international exchanges and cooperation, enhance exchanges and cooperation with GWP China and provincial level GWPs, and participate in GWP related activities.

Role and Effects:
The organization has conducted a lot of fruitful works revolving around the notion of improving holistic management of Shaanxi water resources and promoting economic and social development. Based on difficult and hotly debated water issues in Shaanxi, in order to handle a wide-ranging issues such as holistic regulation and management of river basins, implementation of Water Law, ecological compensation in South-to-North Water Diversion, drinking water safety in rural areas, coping with severe challenges of climate change, and strictest water resources management, GWP China Shaanxihas actively built a platform of exchange and cooperation, conducted wide survey and research, provided supporting information for decision-making of government agencies, and gained remarkable social benefits and wide praise and recognition.

Key Activities:
Forum on Basin-based Holistic Management and Water Resources Management of Weihe River; On-site Meeting of “Water-Poverty Reduction-Public” and Base Level Management in Irrigated Areas; On-site Meeting of Cistern and Poverty Reduction; Communication Meeting on Public Involved Water Conserving Society Development; Forum on Local Level Water Regulation Development – Seminar on Implementation of Water Law in West China; 4 forums on Weihe River Culture, Weihe River Water Resoruces, Weihe River Water Environment, and Peace Weihe River; Seminar on Water and Soil Conservation and Ecological Compensation Mechanism in Water Source Areas of Middle Section of South-to-North Water Diversion; On-site Meeting of Drinking Water Safety in Rural Areas and Water-conserving Campus Building; Coping with Global Climate Change – On Research of Holistic Management of Ground Water of Shaanxi Province; Seminar on Small-scale Irrigation and Water Conservancy Facility Development and Management in Shaanxi Province; legislation survey for Ground Water Regulations of Shaanxi Province; and Seminar on Water Rights System Reform and Strategy Research of Shaanxi Province.