New Report on IWRM Progress in Central America

On 13 May, GWP Central America will present a report on the progress of implementing Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in Central America. The report is based on the national SDG 6.5.1 consultations that were carried out in 2020 by GWP and Partners.

The United Nations system designated 2020 as the year in which most of the indicators under Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water and sanitation were to be updated.

GWP, through its SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme, assisted 61 countries in mapping out progress on SDG 6.5.1 – the degree of implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Read more about the process here.

A global status report on SDG 6.5.1 will be published in 2021, but many regions are also analysing the outcomes to build into regional IWRM agendas - starting with GWP Central America

The event on 13 May starts at 9:00 CST/17:00 CEST and it will be broadcast LIVE on GWP Central America's Facebook page.