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NewsFlow March-April 2024

On top of GWP’s participation in the upcoming 10th World Water Forum, this issue gives insights into how big funds are investing in water security in Africa, GWP Mediterranean assists in interventions promoting #flood resilience in Greece, GWP South America provides technical support to Chile, Peru, & Paraguay to address #ClimateChange, and much more.

NewsFlow January-February 2024

In this edition you can explore multimillion dollar US dollar funding commitments for Africa’s water security, insights from the 2023 stocktake on IWRM progress, WEFE Nexus work on the ground in the Mediterranean, and much more.

NewsFlow December 2023 - Special edition on GWP @COP28

After the close of COP28, GWP reflects back on a momentous couple of weeks – from the inclusion of a water target in the Global Goal on Adaptation, to a suite of successful events, to ending the conference celebrating the Global Water Innovation Changemaker Awards.

NewsFlow September-October 2023

Learn how GWP prepares for COP28 and get insights on how to translate WEFE nexus science into policy in the Mediterranean, distributed water storage in the Caribbean, and how multiple countries across the GWP Network have evaluated progress in implementing #SDG6 indicator 6.5.1 on integrated water resources management, and much more. 

NewsFlow July-August 2023

Explore GWP's participation in Stockholm World Water Week 2023. Learn how we assisted Indonesia in getting ready for its Water Scarcity Programme, how we provide technical support to Cameroon in revising its Water Law from 1998, and much more.

NewsFlow May-June 2023

Explore GWP in Action - 2022 Annual Report, the launch of the Water Changemaker Innovation Awards 2023, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zanzibar progressing on national Water Investment Programmes and much more.

NewsFlow March-April 2023

In this edition you’ll learn how GWP is assisting UN Member States in keeping integrated water resources management on track.  And more!

NewsFlow - special edition on World Water Day (22 March) 2023

Reporting live from the UN 2023 Water Conference.

NewsFlow January-February 2023

What’s hindering climate-resilient IWRM in the Central African Republic, Malawi, and Tanzania?  Global Water Leadership is looking into the root causes in order to develop appropriate responses. GWP is also getting ready for the UN 2023 Water Conference. And more!

NewsFlow November-December 2022

Here is a bumper issue with stories from around the world about how we are improving water resources management. The lead story has 5 takeaways from our extensive participation in COP27. Progress is being made!

NewsFlow October 2022

If you like transboundary waters, you'll like this issue. After our lead story, there are 3 items about what GWP has been doing in the area of transboundary challenges. At the end of the newsletter are links to what is happening with the GWP Toolbox - IWRM Action Hub -- be sure to join one of the communities. And, of course, don't miss the articles in between!

NewsFlow September 2022

Take a look at GWP's five takeaways from World Water Week. Read a couple of stories of how GWP is addressing environmental and ecosystem challenges. See what we're doing about plastic pollution and wastewater management.  And more!

NewsFlow August 2022

This issue anticipates GWP's participation in the 2022 World Water Week, announces our new Chair, and covers stories from Uruguay to Greece and Armenia to Zambia. Better water managment is at the core of every story!

NewsFlow June-July 2022

This is a bumper issue with 11 stories! We cover our participation in two major global events, the Dushanbe Conference and Stockholm+50, as well as report back on our annual Network Meeting which focussed on innovation, and where we launched a Transboundary community of practice.

NewsFlow May 2022

This month we announce GWP's 2021 Annual Report, a not-to-be-missed review of the year. Also, we have stories on GWP Mongolia meeting with the President of the country, a new publication on drought to help countries manage this increasing risk, and our video of the month.

NewsFlow April 2022

Discover GWP's six takeaways from its participation in the 9th World Water Forum. Also, there is news from our regions, an article about the Global Water Leadership Programme, and an announcement about the new Chair of the GWP Technical Committee.

NewsFlow March 2022

This issue leads with GWP's planned participation at the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, Senegal. It goes on to cover our activities with the SDGs, climate, transboundary, and the role of women in water management -- all of which are crucial if we are going to live in a water secure world!

NewsFlow January-February 2022

This issue highlights so much of what GWP is focussed on: supporting its Partners in implementing an integrated approach to water management, producing knowledge, and applying that knowledge to change the way water is managed -- whether it be in the face of climate change, floods, or ecosystem degradation.

NewsFlow December 2021

This issue leads with a report on the annual Network Meeting 2021 and contains other highlights such as the announcement of the new GWP ToolBox - IWRM Action Hub, a 25th anniversary storybook on water leadership, and links to new translations of a major report on gender mainstreaming. 

NewsFlow November 2021

The lead story is, of course, COP 26! But there are also other news stories of interest including the announcement of our 2021 Network Meeting of GWP Partners and the video of the month about the Water ChangeMakers. Enjoy. 

NewsFlow October 2021

The lead story in this month's newsletter outlines GWP's plans for the upcoming UN climate talks in Glasgow, COP26. That and much more from the entire GWP network, we hope you enjoy the read!

NewsFlow September 2021

Women remain underrepresented in water resources management. This is the finding of a new report that was launched on 16 September, and it is is also the lead story of our September newsletter. That and much more, enjoy the read!

NewsFlow August 2021

Recent weather extremes and a new climate report from IPCC have put the spotlight on environmental disasters – most of them water-related. With the UN climate conference COP26 nearing, this hopefully means that more attention will be paid to the water-climate linkage. Our August newsletter features several stories on this - we hope you enjoy the read!

NewsFlow July 2021

The July edition brings big headlines from GWP's participation in the European Development Days (EDD21) and activity updates from all the corners of the worldwide GWPnetwork. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow June 2021

The lead story in our June newsletter is about the launch of the report “Mobilising Change: 10 years of climate resilient water investments", which showcases GWP's work, both challenges and successes, of the water and climate programme over a decade. This and much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow May 2021

The lead story in our May newsletter is a recap of an event aimed to boost progress on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through joint learning. That, and much more from the entire GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow April 2021

The lead story of April comes from GWP Caribbean - a recap of their recent Science Symposium on Water - along with a great mix of news from all corners of the GWP network. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow March 2021

This month's newsletter was sent out on 22 March, World Water Day, with several stories to highlight the special day. For our lead story, we invited some of our Water ChangeMakers to share stories about the way they have made smart decisions that reflect the multiple values of water– from the mountains of Peru, to the plains of Tanzania. This and of course much more - enjoy the read! 

NewsFlow February 2021

The Water ChangeMaker Awards are over, and in the lead story of our first newsletter of 2021, we present the winners. We also kickstart GWP's 25th anniversary celebrations, and report from a variety of events and activities across the GWP network. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow December 2020 - January 2021

The United Nations designated 2020 as the year in which most of the indicators under Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water and sanitation were to be updated. GWP, through its SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme, committed to assisting at least 60 countries in mapping out progress on SDG 6.5.1 – the degree of implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, about 2,400 participants in 61 countries were consulted, mostly online. Read about that, and much more in our final newsletter of 2020. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow November 2020

The lead story in our November newsletter is about the ongoing discussion on gender equality in the GWP network and beyond. We also report back from GWP's annual network meeting, announce the Water ChangeMaker finalists, and of course feature a wide range of other events and activities. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow October 2020

The lead story is about GWP's up-coming Network Meeting on 21-22 October - we welcome all our Partners to sign up, over 400 have done so already. That and much more news from the entire network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow September 2020

The top story in our September newsletter is about the new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on transboundary freshwater security, which opened on 31 August. We also have a wide spread of news from across the GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow August 2020

The lead story in August is about GWP's workshops on accessing support from the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme - the first of 30 planned workshops kicked off in Uganda. That and much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow July 2020

Our July newsletter is a full issue, with news from all corners of the GWP network. River basin development in China, wastewater management in Southern Europe, university collaboration in West Africa, drought policies in Central America... and much, much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow June 2020

The lead story in June is about about the successful GWP Regional Days, which culminated in a USD 2.2 million signing ceremony between GWP and the Green Climate Fund (GCF). This and much from the entire GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow May 2020

Trinidad and Tobago was the first country to hold a virtual consultation on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 6.5.1 - a first out of many more to come. This is the lead story in our May newsletter - with many of the stories reflecting the new reality that everybody in the GWP network is now working in. Even under COVID-19 restrictions - this newsletter shows that a lot of positive things are still happening, worldwide. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow April 2020

With hand-washing as one of the top recommendations to hinder the spread of COVID-19, the lack of access to clean water and sanitation in many parts of the world is being reported on extensively in media. Water management, and in particular the impact of climate change on water resources, has come to the fore - the lead story in our April newsletter outlines some of GWP's efforts to scale up its commitments to meet the global health crisis. 

NewsFlow March 2020

The lead story is from International Women's Day, when we shared a collection of women voices & experiences from around the world. We're also announcing the scaling up of support to help 60+ countries improve their efforts around Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). This and much more - enjoy the read

NewsFlow February 2020

The lead story in our first newsletter of 2020 reports from the 7th Drin Stakeholders Conference - which marked the 10-year anniversary of the political process called the Drin Coordinated Action (Drin CORDA). This and much more from the entire GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow December 2019

Our last newsletter of 2019 is out! The lead story sums up GWP's activities at COP25, including the launch of the Water Resilience Frontiers Initiative. This and much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow November 2019

Lead story this month is a follow-up on a GWP-UNICEF collaboration on climate resilience and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH), which started back in 2014. The collaboration resulted in a Strategic Framework and a range of technical briefs and guidance notes to support the implementation of the Framework. To mark World Toilet Day 2019 (19 November), which has a strong link to WASH, GWP followed up on the use of the material in Burkina Faso. This and much more, enjoy the read!

NewsFlow October 

Our October newsletter highlights GWP's SDG 6 Support Programme and the recent advances made in Argentina. This and much more, enjoy the read!

NewsFlow September 2019

Our September issue highlights the launch of GWP's new Strategy for 2020-2025, Mobilising for a Water Secure World. It also reports on some of the many activities that took place at Stockholm World Water Week 2019. That and much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow August 2019

The lead story in our August newsletter is about GWP's upcoming involvement in Stockholm World Water Week - which this year takes place at the Tele2 Arena. We give you an overview of GWP's activities at the event, which is held 25-30 August. That and much more - enjoy the read! 

NewsFlow July 2019

 Our July newsletter is out! The lead story is about GWP's recent Network Meeting, which formally adopted the network's new strategic directions.

NewsFlow June 2019

Our June top story summarizes work that GWP has carried out over a period of time to consult with regions on investments and financing for water-related disaster risk reduction. That and much more - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow May 2019

Our May issue leads with a story on GWP's upcoming annual Network Meeting, which is scheduled for 25-26 June. It also recaps GWP Regional Days, which were held in Amman, Jordan, on 13-16 May. Plus of course a variety of stories from around the network - enjoy the read.

NewsFlow April 2019

The lead story in April is a recap of Korea Global Adaptation Week, and the launch of GWP's NAP Water Supplement. Plus much more from the entire GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow March 2019

This newsletter gives a recap of GWP's activities around International Women's Day - which included the launch of GWP on Instagram. In the first week only, over 400 people from 44 different countries were featured as part of the global #BalanceforBetter campaign, which GWP joined to highlight the importance of gender balance in water management. This, and of course a lot more from the entire GWP network, enjoy the read!

NewsFlow February 2019

Our first newsletter of 2019 leads with a story that highlights the country support on drought that GWP contributes to through the Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP). Plus of course several other stories from around the GWP Network. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow December 2018

Our final newsletter of 2018 is out! And it's a big COP24 issue, giving you an insight to what GWP was up to in Katowice. Plus of course highlights from around the GWP network worldwide - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow November 2018

Our November newsletter gives an update of GWP's plans for the up-coming UN climate talks at COP24 in Katowice, Poland. It also shares a wide overview of what's been happening in the GWP network lately. Enjoy the read!

NewsFlow October 2018

The lead story of our October newsletter comes from Central America, on the exchange of experiences among countries on progress in monitoring and implementing SDG 6 in the national 2030 agendas.  We also report outcomes of last month's Network Meeting.

NewsFlow September 2018

The main story in our September newsletter is an announcement about GWP's up-coming Network Meeting (27-28 September) - for which we are trying out a new format; "Following the Sun" - with the hope of engaging as many Partners as possible. This and much more from the entire network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow August 2018

The main story of our August newsletter is about GWP's involvement in the up-coming World Water Week in Stockholm on 26-31 August. We also report on our Summer School in Poland and a youth workshop in Kenya - and much more. Enjoy the read.

NewsFlow July 2018

The main story in our July newsletter reports back from the High Level Political Forum (#HLPF2018) at the UN in New York and GWP's involvement. What are the big water issues? Plus highlights from the GWP network activities around the globe - enjoy the read.

NewsFlow June 2018

The main story of our June newsletter: Massive fish death in Lake Toho in Benin has prompted a dialogue on water resources management in the lake. GWP Benin has been asked to set up a permanent dialogue framework, and to create a conflict management mechanism based on the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach. That and much more from the entire GWP Network - enjoy the read.

NewsFlow May 2018

The lead story in May comes from Botswana: we visited Gaborone to find out how the government and water sector feel about the IWRM and Water Efficiency Plan that GWP helped to develop. We also introduce you to GWP's new Executive Secretary Monika Weber-Fahr. That and much more from the entire GWP Network - enjoy the read.

NewsFlow April 2018

The lead story of our April newsletter - and several of the other stories - are wrap-ups from the recent 8th World Water Forum in Brazil, where GWP was involved in many of the big events and where some key announcements were made. This and of course much more from the entire GWP network - enjoy the read.

NewsFlow March 2018

The big focus of our March newsletter is World Water Forum 8, which starts Sunday 18 March in Brazil. GWP is sending a big delegation, with involvement in over 40 events in the week-long event. Including several exciting launches... more to come on that soon. The newsletter of course also has the usual round-up of activities from around the GWP network - enjoy the read!

NewsFlow February 2018

Our February newsletter introduces a new interactive map, listing some of the water governance results achieved so far; please have a browse! The map will be continously updated from now on. That and of course much more from the entire GWP network, enjoy the read.

NewsFlow January 2018

Our first newsletter of 2018 is out, and we're leading with a great training opportunity for water law practitioners in Africa - funding is available for the right candidates. This and of course more news from the whole GWP network, enjoy!

NewsFlow December 2017

The final issue of 2017: Our December newsletter is out! The main story comes from GWP Central and Eastern Europe; a report from a recent workshop on wastewater management in the Danube River Basin. That and much more, enjoy the read.

NewsFlow November 2017

The main story this month is about GWP's activities at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany - COP23. Plus of course a wide range of stories from around the GWP network.

 NewsFlow October 2017

Our October issue leads with a story about a new youth initiative in West Africa; #TonFuturTonClimat - which will carry out activities in the coming two years in Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin. Also, of course plenty of other stories from around the GWP Network.

NewsFlow September 2017

This month we introduce a new online drought HelpDesk, which is a joint initiative of GWP and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), together with other partners - the aim is to provide tailored guidance to drought-impacted populations around the world. This newsletter also includes extensive reporting from Stockholm World Water Week - and much more.

NewsFlow August 2017

The main story in our August issue is about GWP's Summer School that was held in Warsaw in July. We're also looking ahead to the up-coming Stockholm World Water Week with a list of activities that GWP will be involved in, and we have several reports on the on-going Valuing Water consultations that have been held in the past months.

NewsFlow June 2017

This issue introduces the first in a series of regional consultations on "Valuing Water" -  an initiative to support the work of the High Level Panel on Water (HLPW). We also report on youth and gender, plus of course take you around other highlights from the GWP network.

NewsFlow May 2017

Lead story this month is about GWP's involvement in the Global Framework for Action to Cope with Water Scarcity in Agriculture in a Changing Climate. We also report from the annual GWP Regional Days and Network meeting, which were both held in early May. Additionally we introduce another new feature to the GWP website, with the online Partner Search function.

NewsFlow April 2017

The lead story in our April issue comes from Ghana, where GWP's Technical Committee gathered recently to discuss collaborative modelling in IWRM planning. Read all about that, plus of course much more from the entire GWP network.

NewsFlow March 2017 

Our lead story in March comes from Cameroon, where GWP is facilitating the process to launch a National Water Policy. We also carry an exclusive interview with the Executive Secretary of AMCOW – the African Ministers’ Council on Water – and we announce the launch of a brand new GWP website.


Please note that our newsletters prior to March 2017 contain broken links. This is due to the content migration from old to new website. All content is still here though, you can find all articles through our News search.


NewsFlow February 2017

The Norwegian government recently signed a 3-year donor agreement with GWP. The main story in this NewsFlow issue is an interview with Hans Olav Ibrekk, who represents the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He gives their view on water governance, and where GWP fits in.

NewsFlow December 2016

The main story in our last newsletter of 2016 summarizes GWP's activities at the Budapest Water Summit. Next issue will be out in February 2017. 

NewsFlow November 2016

A roundup of GWP's activities and comments on the UN climate talks in Marrakech.

NewsFlow October 2016

The cover story this month is the annual GWP Network Meeting, which was held as a virtual meeting - it was made up of pre-recorded video messages, but also a Facebook Live session; a first for GWP. 

NewsFlow September 2016

We announce a new global competition, where we are looking for #YouthLed projects on implementation of the recommendations that were made at COP21 - deadline to participate is 14 October 2016. We also give further details about the up-coming annual GWP Network Meeting, which will be a virtual event on 11 October. 

NewsFlow August 2016

We present an overview of the activities GWP are involved in at the Stockholm World Water Week, which takes place the last week of August. Additionally, a selection of stories from the global network from the summer months. And looking ahead - we mark the date 11 October, when GWP will hold its 2016 Network Meeting.

NewsFlow June 2016

The main story this month covers the High Level Roundtable on Water Security and SDGs that was held in Yangon, Myanmar, on 24 May. In addition there is an interview with new Chair of GWP, Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren, who outlines her views on the network and the work that lies aheads. Next issue is out in August.

NewsFlow May 2016

It's official: the new GWP Chair is Dr Oyun Sanjaasuren, effective 1 July 2016. This month's newsletter also features an long interview with the newly appointed GWP Technical Committee Chair, Dr Jerome Delli Priscoli, and we report on the recent GWP Regional Days.

NewsFlow April 2016

The lead story for this month's newsletter is about a new youth network in Central America, where one hundred youth from several countries came together to talk about water security and climate change. We also have an interview with one of GWP's Technical Committee members - and we're announcing the new Chair of the said Committee as well. This and more, we hope you enjoy the read.

NewsFlow March 2016

This month's newsletter is published in the lead up to World Water Day, 22 March. We report on some of the GWP activities connected to this, including the launch of a new video that describes the work of GWP. 

NewsFlow February 2016

GWP was founded in 1996, in a bid to support countries in the sustainable management of their water resources for the benefit of poor and vulnerable groups. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of GWP, we this month kick off the #GWP20 campaign, which will run all year with many different features. 

NewsFlow December 2015

In the last newsletter of 2015 we reflect on the outcome of the recent UNFCCC COP21 climate conference in Paris - where GWP was present for the two full weeks - and we showcase some highlights from the GWP regions. Next issue will be out in February 2016. Season's Greetings!

NewsFlow November 2015

GWP Bhutan introduced IWRM to local leaders in the districts of Tashi Yangtse and Samdrup Jongkhar.

NewsFlow October 2015

Published on World Food Day 2015 - 16 October - the headline story of this month's newsletter reflects how GWP Africa responds to the food and climate challenges they are facing. 

NewsFlow September 2015

The summer months of 2015 were to a great extent filled with youth activities in in the GWP network - leading up to the launch of the GWP Youth Engagement Strategy on 25 August. This newsletter reflects some of the activities surrounding the launch. August also means Stockholm World Water Week, and in connection to this a number of new publications were launched. More on them here, as well as a farewell speech by the Chair of the GWP Technical Committee.

NewsFlow August 2015

This month's newsletter is a Special Edition with detailed information about GWP’s activities and news during Stockholm World Water Week 2015. We are also introducing a new feature on the GWP website – Impact Stories – which showcase successful projects GWP has been involved in through the years.

NewsFlow June 2015

NewsFlow June reports from the  second consultation workshop of the Palestinian Water Policy Dialogue, as well as from the annual GWP Network Meeting. The Network Meeting made history this year; it was the first time ever that the meeting was held as a virtual event. The meeting can be seen in full on our website. 

NewsFlow May 2015

Our May news letter reports on a number of youth actitivities, there is an invitation to the annual GWP Network Meeting 2015, and we are introducing the GWP in Action 2014 Annual Report. This and much more, enjoy the read.

NewsFlow April 2015

At the 7th World Water Forum in Korea, GWP and OECD launched a joint report on connection between water security and economic growth. The report is the outcome of research done by an expert task force since autumn 2013. 

NewsFlow March 2015

The main story in our latest newsletter tells the story of a successful ‪transboundary‬ ‪river‬ project in the Baltic states, on how collaboration across borders can benefit water management. That and of course much more... We give you NewsFlow March.

NewsFlow February 2015

GWP has launched a campaign to maintain a dedicated watergoal on the UN post-2015 development agenda. This campaign is visible throughout the GWP network. This newsletter tells the story behind - it also reports on a number of recent activities in the regions, from media training in Tunisia, to a new Perspectives Paper on land and water governance, to events at India Water Week. 

NewsFlow December 2014

The last GWP newsletter of 2014 puts focus on the drought problem in Central America - which is something the UN recently called a humanitarian crisis. GWP Central America has been working closely with partners to strengthen the regional capacity to tackle the problem. Other news include discussions on micro financing in South Asia, a case study on the restoration of Mur River in Austria, and reporting from the climate discussions at COP20 in Lima. This and more.... the next newsletter will be out in February 2015.

NewsFlow November 2014

GWP Myanmar is using cartoons to explain the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). A new cartoon book sets out some key messages for understanding the approach. This month's newsletter also covers reporting from several conferences and workshops, such as a governance and financing conference organised by GWP Mediterranean in Athens, and the Gender, Water and Development conference in East London, South Africa.

NewsFlow October 2014

As part of GWP’s programme to introduce its knowledge database, the IWRM Toolbox, into relevant university curricula, two workshops were held in China in September. NewsFlow October gives the details from these events. We have also interviewed the Executive Director of the newly established GWP Mongolia, who speaks of the water issues the country faces. This and more...

NewsFlow September 2014

After a few months break, NewsFlow is back with a brand new look. Top stories in this first new look edition is a report on a new water governance report for Jordan. This is the result of a lengthy collaboration between GWP Mediterranean and OECD.

NewsFlow June 2014

The latest highlights from GWP include a report from Africa Water Week 2014, where GWP Patron Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke of her firm support for a dedicated Water Goal. New publications include the GWP Annual Report from 2013, as well as new National Drought Management Policy Guidelines. This and much more in NewsFlow June - please note that the next issue is out in September 2014, Happy Summer!

NewsFlow May 2014

GWP announced a new Patron, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who has also endorsed GWP's new strategy, Towards 2020. Two new Techical Focus Papers are presented in this newsletter, from the Caribbean and Central Asia, and we're encouraging partners to sign up for the coming GWP Consulting Partners meeting in Trinidad in June 2014.

NewsFlow April 2014

A total of 29 country consultations are being organised in the first few months of 2014. This is part of the GWP-OECD Global Dialogue project, and the first completed report is presented by GWP Romania. Other news comes from Indonesia, where an IWRM ToolBox workshop was held, and Vietnam, where the GWP Chair participated in the 2nd Mekong River commission Summit - this and much more in NewsFlow April!

NewsFlow March 2014

World Water Day 2014 is approaching fast as this month's newsletter gets published: That is why this issue focus on the theme of World Water Day, with the release of the new GWP video on Water and Energy. The video is available in both English and Spanish. Other news come from Slovenia, Latin America and the UN Headquarters in New York.

NewsFlow February 2014

The first GWP newsletter of 2014 reports of GWP's input to a UN-Water technical advice paper for the post-2015 agenda. There is also a new country water ship in the making, as Somalia is getting ready for the final steps to join. Furthermore on the global agenda is a new strategic partnership with UNICEF, which will see GWP provide assistance on developing a new Framework for WASH and climate change adaptation.

NewsFlow December 2013

In the last GWP newsletter of 2013: The Mongolian Water Partnership has formally decided to apply for GWP membership and create a Country Water Partnership on the national level, and to join the GWP Central Asia and Caucasus region (CACENA). Trainers have received training to support the NAPs process in Africa, and East African universities get acquainted with the IWRM ToolBox. This and much more, enjoy the read.

NewsFlow November 2013

Flood protection and drought mitigation were on the agenda when experts met in Warsaw, Poland at the end of October. The outcome of that is featured in this month's NewsFlow - Warsaw will also be in next month's newsletter, when COP19 will be reported on. Other hightlights from October come from Costa Rica, Peru, Southeast Europe, Eastern Africa...This and more, enjoy the reading!

NewsFlow October 2013

This month's newsletter highlights GWP's participation at the Budapest Water Summit. The Danube Arts Master 2013 was also presented at the Summit, with Hungarian President Janos Ader giving the award to a Croatian entry. GWP CACENA engages young people in water education, South Africa is Unpacking the Nexus, a GWP Associate wins the UNESCO-IHE Alumni Award... This and much more in NewsFlow October.

NewsFlow September 2013

GWP Contributes to Peru's Groundwater Issues; Journalists Take Media Tour in Uzbekistan; GWP Pakistan Facilitates Flood Project; GWP and OECD Launch Global Dialogue; Rhine River Wins European River Prize; Workshop Held on Building Climate Resilience in the Nile Delta; More Voices from the GWP Network; New IWRM ToolBox Launched; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more. 

NewsFlow June 2013

Development of Water Law in Georgia; Water: the Connecting Link to Climate Change Adaptation; GWP-WMO Flood HelpDesk Can Support Flood Response; European Youth Act Together for Water; Evaluating a Water Highway for Chile; Disasters in Focus at High-Level Meeting in Tokyo; New Strategy to Address River Pollution in Malaysia; New Documents on Water by GWP Honduras; Towards the 7th World Water Forum; G8 Summit Article; UN Year of Water Cooperation 2013; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow May 2013

Country Consultations on Water Speak to post-2015 Agenda; Reaching Out to Universities - ToolBox Workshop in Dakar; Linking Water Security and Climate Change Resilience in Zimbabwe; Water Efficiency for Central America; Using IWRM for Climate Change Adaptation; GWP Launches Rapid Assessment of Capacity Building Needs; GWP Participates in India Water Week 2013; Latin American Training on Water Legislation for International Basins; UN Year of Water Cooperation 2013; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow April 2013

Climate Change Focus in Nile Basin; IWRM for Universities in Kyrgyzstan; Dialogue Sets Stage for Addressing Climate Change in Peru; Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting in Caribbean and Mediterranean; Focusing on Urban Water Management; Kenya Addresses Post-2015 Water Agenda; UN Year of Water Cooperation 2013; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow March 2013

Responding to Drought; GWP at the UN Session on Water and Disasters; High-Level Support for Water Management Investments in Nigeria; New Climate Information Resource for Caribbean; Urban Water Management in El Salvador; Ensuring Water is Key to Post-2015 Agenda; Promoting Transboundary Cooperation in Southern Africa; Evaluating IWRM in Southern Africa; Building Climate Resilience in the Bangladesh Delta; Water Use Efficiency in India; Upgrading Flood Information in Pakistan; 2013 IRF European Riverprize; UN Year of Water Cooperation 2013; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow February 2013

Managing Central American Transboundary Basins; Suriname Launches IWRM Initiatives; Media Exposed to Cameroon’s Water and Climate Challenges; IWRM at Local Level in Honduras; Burundi and Rwanda Come Together Over Shared Waters; Integrating Water and Climate in Development; GWP at Water Consultations in Liberia; World Wetlands Day 2013; UN Year of Water Cooperation 2013; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow December 2012

COP 18 at Doha – It’s Now About Adaptation; Water Agenda Consultations in Costa Rica; Transboundary Water Management in Baltics; GWP at UNECE Meeting on Transboundary Waters; IWRM improves the Yellow River; Transboundary IWRM in Drin Basin; Gender Awareness in Bangladesh; Climate Change and Food Security in India; New Thinking in Water Management; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow November 2012

African Journalists Learn about Mining’s Impacts; GWP is Collaborating Partner for World Water Week in Stockholm 2013; De-polluting the Mediterranean; Transboundary management in the Buna/Bojana catchment; Youth Act for Water; The Pressing Need for Urban Water Management; 2013 GWP-University of Dundee Scholarships; Caribbean Stakeholders Develop a Water and Climate Programme; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow October 2012

President of Mongolia visits GWP in Stockholm; Caribbean Ministers Commit to Water Security; Preparing for Droughts to Come; Water Use Efficiency in Barbados; IWRM for Municipalities in Honduras; 20 Years of Water Cooperation in Central Asia; IWRM in Education in Central Africa; IWRM for the Nile Basin; Czech Republic School Wins Danube Art Master 2012; Towards Water Sustainability in Chile; Climate Change for Bangladesh; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow September 2012

Balancing Growth and Environmental Protection; Rainwater Harvesting in Trinidad; Improving Water Availability in Costa Rica; Water Financing in Brazil; Using the IWRM ToolBox in Education; Flood Management in Dhaka; Training Trainers on IWRM and Ecosystems; GWP Partners Trained at Transboundary Workshop; New Resources on Water Security and Climate Resilient Development; Rio+20 Reaffirms Support for IWRM; GWP at WWW 2012; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow June 2012

GWP at Rio+20; Progress in Water Reform in El Salvador; New Step in Financing Water in Central Africa; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow May 2012

First India Water Week Focuses on Water-Energy-Food Nexus; GWP IWRM ToolBox Introduced in Armenia; Africa Develops Response to Climate Change Threat to Water Security; Guyanese Journalist Wins Media Award; Implementing Rwanda Water Policy; High-Level Roundtable on Water in China; GWP at Rio+20; Improving Water Quality in Nepal; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow April 2012

El Salvador Water Bill Goes to Congress; Stakeholder Consultations in Basin Shared by Rwanda and Burundi; Strengthening Transboundary Institutions for Water Resources in Africa; GWP Contributes to International Water Events; New GWP Policy Briefs; Survey on ToolBox Use; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow March 2012

First Practical Guide of Water Management in Latvia; Working Toward Transparency in Nepal; Water Stakeholders Focus on IWRM Implementation in Trinidad and Tobago; Financial Planning for Water Supply and Sanitation in Cameroon; GWP Celebrated World Water Day 2012; GWP at 6th World Water Forum; Meet Our Partners; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow January/February 2012

Training the Next Generation; New Country Water Partnership in Gambia; Benin and Netherlands Strengthen Water Cooperation; Towards Integrated Management in Chile; River and Lake Health in China Requires Action; GWP India Supporting Community Participation in Ganges River Basin; GWP Participation at the 6th World Water Forum; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow December 2011

Connecting the Dots at COP17; Conflict Resolution in Vietnam; Basin Management Guidelines for Nicaragua; Economic Model for the Aral Sea; Stakeholders for a Sava River Basin Plan; resources, events and more.

NewsFlow November 2011

Dialogues on IWRM in Georgia; Capacity Building of Women in India; GWP Zeros in on Gender; Water and Climate Road Map for Eastern Africa; Urban Flood Framework for Dhaka; Linking Climate Information Providers with Users; Caribbean Ministers Endorse Innovative Ways of Managing Water; Groundwater Consultation in West Africa; GWP-Dundee 2012 Scholarships and more.

NewsFlow October 2011

Central America Takes on Water and Climate Change, Danube River Arts Competition, reports from GWP at Astana 2011, Transboundary Assessment Published, Evaluating 10 years of IWRM in Southeast Asia, Asia-Africa Inter-regional Sharing, Towards Country Water Partnerships in Gambia and Sierra Leone, Preparing for Rio+20 in Asia, GWP Champion Appointed Director in Cameroon.

NewsFlow July-September 2011

GWP launches a new programme for Africa with AMCOW, presentations and more information from the GWP CP meeting 2011, New Global Soil Partnership Complements GWP, Sand Mining in Bangladesh Requires Integrated Approach, Girl Guides get IWRM training in Sri Lanka, Gender Mainstreaming for Africa etc.

NewsFlow June 2011 - Water is Not a Sector – It’s a Cross Cutting Resource

On June 13 a coalition of water advocates organized a side event at a United Nations climate conference to highlight the urgency of recognizing water resources management as central to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

NewsFlow May 2011 - Ministers Declare Support for Drin Basin Dialogue

On April 18, 2011, Ministers issued a Declaration expressing their support for the continuation and enhancement of the Drin Dialogue with the assistance of GWP Mediterranean and the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and for the preparation of the Shared Vision for the management of the Drin Basin.

NewsFlow April 2011 - GWP India Contributes to Government Water Charter

On Wednesday the 6th of April 2011 the Union Cabinet Ministers of India approved a comprehensive charter for the National Water Mission, one of the eight national missions which form the core of the National Action Plan for Climate Change.

NewsFlow March 2011 - No More Business as Usual

Rising food prices and alarm over climate change was the context for a workshop in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on February 24-25, 2011. How water is managed is central to both issues.

NewsFlow Jan/Feb 2011 - Ukraine Environmental Strategy Includes IWRM

In December 2010, the National Environmental Strategy of the Ukraine was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament and contains a component on water management. In 2009, Ukraine decided to revise its main water planning document in accordance with European Union laws and the EU’s Water Framework Directive even though the country is not a member of the EU.

NewsFlow December 2010 - Climate Change is about Water but Missing from Agenda

The world’s economic growth and social welfare depend on the sustainable management of the world’s water resources in the context of climate change, according to a statement issued by the Global Water Partnership (GWP). The statement was delivered by GWP Chair Dr. Letita A. Obeng to the high level session of the world climate change conference on Friday, December 10, 2010, in Cancun, Mexico.

NewsFlow November 2010 - GWP a Significant Contributor at ADB Water Conference

GWP Patron Margaret Catley-Carlson delivered the keynote speech at this year's Asia Development Bank’s (ADB) water conference held October 11-15, 2010, in Manila, Philippines. Her focus was on “cutting through red tape in order to achieve better water security.” The GWP delegation participated in a variety of sessions and gave presentations.

NewsFlow October 2010 - Hungary’s Toxic Spill Points to Vulnerability of Water Resources 

The Central and Eastern Europe region of the Global Water Partnership (GWP CEE) has called for pollution prevention and the regular inspection of polluter operations in light of the toxic sludge disaster in Hungary.

NewsFlow September 2010 - GWP Report Urges a Better Way to do Development

Sustainable development requires multi-stakeholder partnerships. That is one of the key messages of a new report on water security in Africa published by the Global Water Partnership (GWP). The report, Water Security for Development: Insights from African Partnerships in Action, outlines the lessons of a five-year program to develop Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plans in 13 African countries.

NewsFlow August 2010 - GWP Pakistan Responds to Flood Catastrophe

While Pakistan endures one of the country’s most devastating floods—possibly its worst ever—GWP Pakistan is joining with others to help provide relief and rehabilitation to remote communities that have been particularly hard-hit. In addition, GWP Partner Hisaar Foundation and the Karachi Water Partnership launched an appeal to raise Rs 10 million for immediate flood relief, largely for the provision of safe drinking water.

NewsFlow June 2010 - The World Water Crisis and Foreign Policy

At the UK Houses of Parliament on June 6 the Foreign Policy Centre (FPC) launched “Tackling the World Water Crisis – Reshaping the Future of Foreign Policy”. The FPC paper includes a chapter on “Water Scarcity and Global Megacities” submitted by GWP.