Country Water Partnerships

GWP currently has 77 accredited Country Water Partnerships - listed to the right - that provide a neutral, multi-stakeholder platform for facilitating improvements in the way water resources are managed.

A GWP Country Water Partnership (CWP) is made up of the GWP Partners in a country. Being a Partner in a country makes it eligible to participate in network meetings, whether at country, regional, or global level. GWP Partner representatives may be members of a country Steering Committee (or equivalent).

The operation of each CWP is based on GWP's Conditions for Accreditation for CWPs, and guided by Statutes agreed by Partners in the country and approved by GWPO (the global secretariat in Stockholm).  Listed to the right are the accredited CWPs.

Each CWP decides how formally, or informally, it wishes to act. In order for a CWP to receive funding from GWPO, the CWP must be hosted by another organisation which can give the CWP a legal identity in the country, or be registered as a legal entity under national law and have the ability to manage funds according to GWPO rules.

Some countries have established sub-national level partnerships in order to apply the integrated water resources management approach at local levels. These water partnerships are often linked to specific geographic areas or river basins. Such Area or Basin Water Partnerships are part of the GWP Country Water Partnership. For practical reasons this level of partnership is not formally linked to the GWP network and there is no direct link to GWPO.