Global Secretariat Staff

Staff members of the GWPO Secretariat and Cap-Net UNDP are listed below.

GWPO Staff

Alan AtKisson
Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
e-mail: alan.atkisson[at]

Learn more: GWP Appoints a New Executive Secretary 


Valentin Aich

Valentin Aich
Senior Water & Climate Specialist
Network Specialist for Central Asia and Caucasus
e-mail: valentin.aich[at]


Noémie Apollon-Thémistocle 
Legal & Governance Counsel
e-mail: noemie.apollon[at] 



Mynte Bahora
Senior Digital Marketing Associate
email: mynte.bahora[at]



Rosana Cano

Executive Secretary's Office, Facilities & Engagement and Partnerships Development Associate
e-mail: rosana.cano[at]


Lisa Demydenko

Lisa Demydenko
Senior Programme Associate
e-mail: yelysaveta.demydenko[at]



Monika Ericson

Monika Ericson
Senior Communications Specialist
e-mail: monika.ericson[at]



Tendai Gandanzara

Tendai Gandanzara
Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
e-mail: tendai.gandanzara[at]



Helena Gunnmo-Lind

Helena Gunnmo-Lind
Executive Assistant
e-mail: helena.gunnmo-lind[at]



Colin Herron

Colin Herron
Senior Water Resources Management Specialist,
Water Solutions for SDGs
e-mail: colin.herron[at] 


Sanduni Heva Pannage
Finance Associate



Nicolas Jarraud
Sr Specialist, Engagement & Partnerships Development
e-mail: nicolas.jarraud[at]



Mario Lambán

Mario Lambán
Technical Specialist
e-mail: mario.lamban[at]



Anjali Lohani
Senior Water & Climate Resilience Specialist
Network Specialist, Eastern Africa
e-mail: anjali.lohani[at]


Gergana Majercakova

Gergana Majercakova
Senior Learning Specialist
Acting Lead for Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge
e-mail: gergana.majercakova[at]


Jethro Muwanguzi
Programme Admin & HR Assistant
e-mail: jethro.muwanguzi[at]



Sara Oppenheimer

Sara Oppenheimer
Programme Specialist
Network Specialist for the Central America, Mediterranean
and South America

e-mail: sara.oppenheimer[at]


Jacques Rey

Jacques Rey
e-mail: jacques.rey[at]



Catharina Sahlin-Tegnander
Interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
e-mail: catharina.sahlin-tegnander[at]



Rene SchieritzRene Schieritz
Programme Specialist - Water and Climate Resilience
e-mail: rene.schieritz[at]



Marie Stissing Jensen
Research Fellow – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge
e-mail: marie.stissingjensen[at]


Laurent-Charles Tremblay-Lévesque

Laurent-Charles Tremblay-Lévesque
IWRM & Knowledge Management Specialist
Network Specialist for China and South Asia
e-mail: laurentcharles.tremblaylevesque[at]


James Wachira

James Wachira
IT Specialist 
e-mail: james.wachira[at]



Yumiko Yasuda

Yumiko Yasuda
Senior Network & Transboundary Water Cooperation Specialist
Network Specialist for the Caribbean and Southeast Asia
e-mail: yumiko.yasuda[at]



Cap-Net Staff

Themba Gumbo

Themba Gumbo
e-mail: themba.gumbo[at]



  Danille Gordon
  Communications Assistant 
  e-mail: danille.gordon[at]



Damian Indij

Damian Indij
Capacity Development Specialist
e-mail: damian.indij[at]



Cristina Lopez

Cristina Lopez
Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Associate
Email: cristina.lopez[at]



Sonia Luz

Sonia Luz
Programme Associate
e-mail: sonia.luz[at]