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“Connection Leads to Protection”

“Connection leads to protection because when you feel connected to something, you feel a responsibility to care of and protect it,” says Stephanie Woodworth as she reflects on her experiences over the past few years – from winning the 2016-2017 edition of the Great Waters Challenge, to working on a number of water-related youth projects and finding her motivation to reach her goal of connecting people to water, especially the younger generation.
/ Caribbean

GWP-C Seeking Programme Officer in the Dominican Republic

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is supporting the Government of the Dominican Republic to implement a series of activities to inform the country’s submission for the second round of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). These activities are part of the Climate Action Enhancement Package from the NDC Partnership.
/ Southern Africa

2020 Maji Week Scientific Conference

The theme for this year's Maji Week Scientific Conference is: Water and Climate Change: Ensuring Water Security for All.
/ Central Asia and Caucasus

Strengthening women capacity: project business trip

The National Water Partnerships of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan, under the sponsorship of the Embassy of Canada to Turkey and the support of GWP CACENA, are implementing a project (“Strengthening the capacity of women representatives of Turkmen and Azerbaijani non-governmental organizations in the fields of natural resource management & climate change adaptation through training activities and knowledge sharing with Georgian civil society”) aiming to increase women activity in environmental protection.
/ Mediterranean

Cancelled-Call for offers for Filming & Production of Videos for Events

Imminent Relaunch. The Global Water Partnership Mediterranean is seeking to hire an Expert/Company to provide Filming & Production of Videos for Events delivered by GWP-Med in the framework of the In the framework of Making Water Cooperation Happen in the Mediterranean’ (aka the Water Matchmaker) – project supported by Sida.
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GWP Contributes to International Symposium on Water and Culture

The International Symposium on “Water and Culture: Learning from Water Heritage to Innovate Regional Development” was held on 3 February in Tokyo, Japan. The aim was to achieve a deeper understanding of relations between people and water by visiting water heritage around the world. About 260 people from 43 countries participated, among those GWP Chair Howard Bamsey and GWP Technical Committee Chair Jerome Delli Priscoli. Dr. Delli Priscoli shared reflections from the U.S. experience on water resources.
/ Mediterranean

Call for the Recruitment of Communications Officer

The Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean is seeking to hire a Communications Officer for its Athens based Secretariat. The successful candidate will be hired by MIO-ECSDE, a civil non-profit society based in Greece, in its capacity as Host Institute for GWP-Med.
/ Southeast Asia

A Policy Brief on the Philippine Water Sector

The policy brief was developed to understand the current situation and challenges in ensuring water security at the Philippines. in the last part of the report, several recommendation were provided.