Policy Guidance

We use our water intelligence and global expertise in cross-sectoral policy design to engage decision makers and investors in the development of solutions that address water access, infrastructure and investment.

We support institutions to design and implement good water management policies and practices by providing technical guidance and support and we convene and accelerate multi-stakeholder involvement and decision-making processes to make sure change happens.

The Network

GWP leverages global policy frameworks and mobilise its 3,000+ partner organisations – both within and beyond the water sector – to ensure that water and its many users and uses are refl ected in policy and investment decisions.

There is no organisation like GWP in its combination of strong social capital, shared values, trust earned in the world’s water community, bottom-up orientation, and water management expertise.

  • We anchor our work where key global or regional policy frameworks bring leadership focus, progress measurement, development partner action, and potential for fi nancing.

  • We bring together multiple players to solve challenges at the basin level and national levels where longer-term engagement, institution building, and policy frameworks are needed.

  • We invest in the development of knowledge assets, tools, and learning opportunities for water resources management practitioners and for policy-makers alike.

The SDGs

GWP supports work on the policies and investment plans that help countries resolve water-related trade-offs inherent in achieving the SDGs.

  • We  support agencies and key players to coordinate and resolve the competing demands for water resources as they work towards achieving the SDGs while driving investment and employment targets.

  • We incorporate the multiple values of water in decision making.

  • We assist countries to assess their progress towards integrated water resources management targets as set through SDG 6.5.

Our Record

Between 2014 to 2019 GWP-supported plans, strategies, and initiatives influenced water-related investments of more than €1 billion. These included national water management policies and plans, investment plans, and river basin management strategies