MSPs for Improved Water Governance

In 2019, GWP, in collaboration with UNDP Cap-Net and Wageningen University, launched the “Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSP) for Improved Water Governance Programme.” The MSP Programme is a learning and knowledge initiative that aims to build the capacity of our network at regional and country level and use this experience to leverage insights on how to coordinate effective multi-stakeholder action towards improved water governance.

Workshop Series

The MSP for improved Water Governance Workshop Series was launched in July 2021. The series consists of six different workshops, each of them linked to a key capability area needed to establish and maintain an effective MSP in the water sector. Below are the workshops and the main components explored in each session:

  • Context Analysis – policy analysis, stakeholder analysis, GESI analysis, network mapping
  • Setting an agenda for change – theory of change, project design, planning for change, change management
  • Knowledge management – learning culture, learning loops, learning ecologies and knowledge platforms
  • Financial resources mobilisation – financial strategies and mechanisms, business models, gender responsive budgeting
  • Effective communication – communication strategies and techniques, social media management, campaign coalitions
  • Negotiation and conflict management – interest-based negotiation, consensus building, transboundary cooperation

Online Course

An MSP for Improved Water Governance Online Course was launched in parallel to the MSP workshop series. The course is intended for any water-related professional interested in learning about partnership-based approaches to generate water governance transformation. The course is free, self-paced, and hosted on CAP-NET’s Virtual Campus platform. The course consists of:

  • Keynote lectures where cutting-edge tools, concepts, and strategies linked to a specific MSP capability area are introduced by leading experts in the field.
  • Case studies based on empirical experience from GWP regional and country level platforms, showing practical wisdom gained and challenges met with a focus on the lessons learned and implications for other MSPs operating in the water sector.
  • Practical tools and exercises showing elements introduced in the keynote lecture. These include visioning tools, strategic scenario making, and serious games.


Several knowledge products have been developed to explore how water-related MSPs can  contribute to making progress in relation to gender, climate, private sector engagement, transboundary, and the SDGs. These publications identify strategies and lessons learned from GWP's Country Water Partnerships and partners. They can be accessed at the top of this page and through the MSP publications page.

Supporting Partners

The MSP Programme was launched as part of the “A Stake in Water” project which is financially supported by the Austrian Development Agency. The MPS Programme is carried out in collaboration with UNDP Cap-Net, Wageningen University, and GWPs’ Regional and Country Water Partnerships.