Engaging the Private Sector

Today’s water challenges need all water interests to be at the table to jointly diagnose, discuss, and develop shared solutions – including the private sector. Over the past years, GWP has been able to build experience in engaging the private sector. To further develop this work, engagement with the private sector cuts across all three GWP Anchor Areas (climate resilience, Sustainable Development Goals, and transboundary water cooperation) in the GWP 2020-2025 Strategy.

So far, private sector engagement in water resources management or governance has been limited; yet, as water users, as producers of waste water, as service providers, financiers, or insurers, private sector entities enormously influence water availability and how water-related risks and opportunities are addressed.

GWP's 2020-2025 Strategy, Mobilising for a Water Secure World, promises to mobilise private sector engagement where key water challenges are seen to coincide
with GWP's role, structure, and competencies.

GWP will do so in the context of its work towards Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) – specifically to mobilise private sector engagement and contributions to building enabling environments, institutions, management tools, and finance for managing water resources in an integrated way. 

Strategically, GWP will:

  • Focus on highly water-relevant sectors.
  • Focus on specific areas where GWP’s role as a trusted convener and solutions broker can make a difference.
  • Focus on national- or basin-level challenges – not on site-level or company-level engagement.

Photo by mostphotos.com/Bernardo Varela