Regional Climate Weeks 2021

The Regional Climate Weeks 2021 starts on 3-4 March with “Virtual Regional Roundtables” for all regions that are holding climate weeks in 2021. The regions are Africa (ACW2021), Asia-Pacific and Latin America (APCW2021) and the Caribbean (LACCW2021). The initial roundtables in March will set the scene in terms of regional priorities, challenges and opportunities for climate action.

A series of virtual thematic sessions will take place focusing on partnering for the whole society engagement in implementation, managing climate risks, and seizing transformation opportunities. These events, which will include workshops, virtual exhibitions and side events, will take place from May to July:

  • 11-13 May for LACCW2021
  • 15-18 June for ACW2021
  • 6-9 July for APCW2021

The Regional Climate Weeks inspire individuals and organisations to become part of the momentum created by the global climate agreement in Paris. It is a collaborative platform where both governments and non-governmental organisations stakeholders gather to address relevant climate issues under one umbrella.

The main goal is to bring together diverse stakeholders in the public and private sectors around a common goal of addressing climate change. The series of events seeks to provide a space for a grassroots exchange of knowledge and best practices across the region on: Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Global Climate Action (GCA).

The full details and registration are available here.

The core organising partners of the Regional Climate Weeks are UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme, UN Climate Change, and World Bank Group.