SWA Climate Webinar Series 2021

Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) together with GWP, UNICEF and WaterAid are co-convening a 3-part webinar series to strengthen partners’ knowledge of and capacity to integrate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and climate policies, plans, action, and financing. The events are scheduled for 13, 20 and 29 April. Recordings of the events are available after the event.

13 April: WASH entry points to national climate policy, planning

Despite the undeniable link between combatting climate change and ensuring universal access to water and sanitation, such connection is rarely reflected in national climate commitments and policies. This presumably represents the first barrier for practical government led implementation of climate resilient water and sanitation action on the ground.

However, in 2021 the WASH sector has unique opportunities to change this situation. The revision of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), to be completed by mid-2021, as well as the ongoing formulation of many National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), are excellent entry points for the WASH sector.

This webinar will offer information about the processes and recommendations to ensure the prioritization of WASH in climate plans. This will be supported by national case studies of successful integrations of WASH into climate policy.

20 April: Practical integration of climate resilience into WASH strategies and plans

The impact of climate change is already very clear, and though the future is uncertain, the fact that the world must take bold action to counteract the effects of climate change, and build more resilient systems, is undeniable. This holds equally true for the WASH sector.

This webinar will inform SWA partners about practical ways to integrate climate resilience into WASH policies, strategies and plans. It will outline the objectives of climate resilient WASH; the importance of WASH climate risk assessments to identify the right adaptation and mitigation priorities; and what a results framework for climate resilient WASH can look like, including concrete examples from countries already working on this topic.

Climate finance for WASH

Climate finance is a complex domain that the WASH sector has to work more consistently with. Development banks, aid agencies and the private sector are the main sources of what is generally considered climate finance, but multilateral institutions such as the Green Climate Fund play an increasingly important role. National and bilateral climate finance initiatives are emerging source of funding, and the growth of green bonds signals an increasing appetite for municipal and private
investment in debt capital markets for climate.

This webinar will support SWA partners in navigating the climate financing landscape. It will outline trends, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different sources, and provide examples from countries that have developed, or are developing WASH climate financing proposals.