Innovative Financing for Water Security, through an IWRM Approach

The learning journey will formally kick off on June 8th, with a webinar, which will take place in two slots: a morning session from 10:30 AM to 12:00 AM CEST, and an afternoon session from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM CEST (see your local time here). During this exclusive webinar, you will learn from key experts on the topic and will have a chance to exchange with those experts and share experiences with fellow IWRM professionals and community members.

Register for the kick-off event through the following link: for the 10:30 AM CEST Session or for the 4:00 PM CEST Session. The webinar will be held in English. However, French (morning session) and Spanish (afternoon session) interpretation will be available during the session. More details including the agenda will be made available here.

What is the learning journey about?

Building robust and innovative financing mechanisms for water security through an IWRM approach is necessary to enable sustainable and more resilient water resources management. Out of the four dimensions of IWRM, financing is lagging furthest behind in progression towards achieving SDG indicator 6.5.1 on IWRM implementation.  More financing needs to be made available for water security through integrated approaches from a variety of sources, including the public and private sectors. What financial resources are available and how can these be mobilised? Which new and innovative mechanisms need to be created or taken to scale in order to enhance IWRM implementation and ultimately water security?  To advance on this topic, the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme is initiating a learning journey to shed new light on these questions. In this learning journey, we invite you as a water professional to participate in expert discussions and panels, share experiences, reflect on case studies and success criteria, and provide tools to accelerate financing, all related to innovative financing for water security, through an IWRM approach. Learn more about how to join the learning journey on the CoP and find more detailed information here .

How can you join the CoP?

  1. Create a free profile on the GWP Toolbox
  2. Join the SDG 6 IWRM Community on the Toolbox!