GWP at World Water Week 2022

World Water Week is a global event that brings the international community together to work towards a more water-wise world. This year, World Water Week was themed ‘Seeing the unseen: The value of water’, and took place 23-25 August (online only) and 28 August – 1 September (online and on-site in Stockholm).

GWP was strongly positioned at World Water Week 2022 through its involvement in more than 20 events. At this year’s World Water Week, GWP was especially highlighting its work on building resilience to drought and flooding to safeguard populations and reduce poverty in the context of climate change impacts. In partnership with WMO, GWP supports the Integrated Drought Management Programme and the Associated Programme on Flood Management, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. GWP furthers additional important work in this area through its membership in the Water and Climate Coalition Leaders Panel and the High-Level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters. The following sessions at World Water Week demonstrated the value of all of these collaborative relationships:

On Thursday 25 August (online): Closing the last mile: People-centric flood & drought early warning systems

On Sunday 28 August (on-site):

On Tuesday 30 August (on-site 8 AM): Raising the ambition of the UN 2023 Water Conference - Coffee in the park (Drottningatan entrance of Norra Latin)

On Wednesday 31 August (on-site + online): Co-implementing Integrated Drought Management: the next decade

On Thursday 1 September (on-site + online):

In addition, the GWP Booth, located in the main 3rd floor auditorium offered many networking opportunities and participatory activities. Thanks for joining us there!

Other session highlights:

On Wednesday 24 August (online)

On Sunday 28 August (on-site):

 On Tuesday 30 August (on-site + online):International High Level Panel for Water Investments in Africa 

On Thursday 1 September (on-site + online):

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