Dr Jackie King: “We’re Learning the Hard Way That Everything Is Connected”

GWP, GEF IW:Learn and partners are launching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security” at the end of August 2020. The tentative start date is 31 August. The timing coincides with the start of the school year – giving educators the opportunity to build the MOOC into their curricula. One of the MOOC lecturers is Dr Jackie King, who shares a video message on why the MOOC is more relevant than ever. She says that “we are learning the hard way that everything is connected.”

Dr Jackie King is an aquatic ecologist – with a career spanning more than four decades – and Winner of the 2019 Stockholm Water Prize for her pioneering research on water flows. Referring to the WWF 2018 Living Planet Index, she says that there has been a massive decline in the health of the world’s inland waters over the last 50 years.

“Whole river systems are degrading, and even the oceans they flow into are affected. We are learning the hard way that everything is connected: a water use anywhere along a river can affect and restrict water use elsewhere in the basin. It can also affect the ecological integrity of the river system and its dependent social structures. Water management at the basin scale has never been more important,” says Dr King.

In the MOOC, Dr King will give a lecture on the “Role of Decision Support Tools in Transboundary Water Governance”. Her lecture is one of many in the MOOC, along with a wide variety of case studies that are divided in 6 modules that students can complete at their own pace. The topics are:

Week 1: Introduction to the MOOC and Water Security

Week 2: Water Diplomacy and Negotiation Skills

Week 3: International Water Law

Week 4: Institutions

Week 5: Management Tools and Mechanisms

Week 6: Finance for Transboundary Water Security

MOOC Partners:

GWPUNU-INWEHUNECENorthumbria UniversitySIWIUNESCO International Centre for Water CooperationIHE DelftGEFIW:LEARNUNDPUN EnvironmentUNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission