GWP statement on water in conflicts

The Global Water Partnership recognizes the fundamental importance of ensuring the human right to water, particularly in times of conflict. Access to clean and safe water is an essential element of human dignity, health, and survival. In conflict zones, where vulnerabilities are heightened, it is crucial to underscore the imperative of protecting this basic human right.

International humanitarian law mandates the protection of civilians, and this includes ensuring their access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services. Deliberate attacks on water infrastructure, denial of humanitarian access to water supplies, or any other actions that deprive communities of their right to water are unacceptable and must cease immediately.

Given the challenging conditions in Gaza, it is imperative that all involved parties and the global community uphold international legal obligations. All stakeholders and the international community must urgently act to permanently remove any restrictions on water access in Gaza. This includes ensuring the preservation of water supply systems, including the required electricity systems, in compliance with international humanitarian law.

Our shared and collective responsibility is to guarantee water security for everyone, everywhere, and at all times.