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GWL in the Central African Republic: Mobilizing Resources for the Implementation of the Response Strategy

The government of the Central African Republic, through the Ministry of Energy and Resources Development in collaboration with GWP CAR, organized a round table with key technical and financial partners in Bangui to brainstorm on resource mobilization for the implementation of the National Response Strategy for the Resilient Management of Water Resources in the Central African Republic.
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Central African Republic gears up to mobilize GCF funds for climate adaptation

Following the development of the two project concept notes to be submitted to the Green Climate Fund under the ongoing GCF Readiness program in CAR, stakeholders from the water and climate sectors met in Bangui on March 13th and 14th, 2024. The two workshops organized by the Ministry of Environment, the National Climate Coordination Unit (NDA), and GWP CAR aimed at enriching and adopting the project concept notes before submission to the GCF.
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Seven countries geared to become international models for water leadership

Seven African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries have laid the foundation to becoming international models for water leadership after implementing a 3-year Global Water Leadership in a Changing Climate (GWL) Programme that helped them identify major challenges in water resources and services management as well as develop strategies to resolve them.
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Stakeholders in the Central African Republic validate the national response strategy

Over fifty stakeholders from government institutions, civil society organizations, NGOs, private companies, local communities, and technical and financial partners met at the Hotel Oubangui, Bangui, on February 7th, 2024, to validate the national response strategy to barriers hindering the implementation of resilient water resources in the country.
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GWP-Central Africa has a new regional chair

GWP-Central Africa welcomes a new regional chair, marking a pivotal moment in its commitment towards promoting integrated water resource management within the region. The new chair and head of the regional steering committee, Herve Didas Amboulou, was sworn in during the 10th regional general assembly, which was held on December 9th in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
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GWL: Advocating for IWRM in the Central African Republic’s revised Environmental Code

Through the Global Water Leadership Program in a Changing Climate program (GWL) in CAR, the Ministry of Energy Development and Water Resources, with the support of the Central African Republic Country Water Partnership (GWP-CAR), organized a national workshop on December 18–19, 2023, in Bangui, CAR, to reflect on and contribute to the revision of the country’s Environmental Code.
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Central African countries evaluate the implementation of SDG 6.5.1 on IWRM

Chad, Congo, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Gabon, and Sao Tome and Principe have completed the third round of reporting on indicator 6.5.1 of Sustainable Development Goal 6, which monitors the degree of implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).
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GCF Readiness in CAR: 70 government, CSO, and private sector representatives in the Central African Republic trained on GCF procedures

A series of training workshops organized by the GWP-Central African Republic and the National Climate Coordination Unit were held in Bangui from September 14–22, 2023. The workshops aimed to reinforce the capacity of government officials, civil society, and private sector representatives on GCF operational procedures. Specifically, GCF investment mechanisms and criteria, project life cycles, accreditation processes, and other GCF requirements (gender, indigenous peoples, environmental, and social safeguards)
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Meet the winners: overcoming gender-related challenges in the water sector in Pan Africa

We are happy to announce the 5 winners of the gender case study competition, launched in June by GWP and the #IWRMActionHub. The case studies demonstrate how gender equality and inclusion have been improved in water management and climate resilience actions in the Pan African region.