Launch of Community on Drought Management in Latin America and the Caribbean

On 30 January, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and GWP organised an online peer-to-peer exhange on drought management in Latin America and the Caribbean, bringing together 250 experts, policy makers, and scientists from the region.

This webinar also marked the official launch of the UNCCD Community of Learning and Practice (CLP) on the same topic.  Positioned as an online space for professionals in drought management and associated fields to connect, interact, and work towards fostering drought management action, the platform offers a number of features, including a discussion forum, paper and datasets sharing, courses, and other capacity building events and opportunities. 

During the webinar, the need to elevate the political profile of drought in the region as well as the need to shift from reactive to a proactive management of droughts was highlighted by Sandra Megens, followed by Waldo Lavado, who shared insights on the efforts made to assess the hydrological droughts in Peru and stressed the need for integrated inter-sectoral response strategy. Cesar De Las Casas, presented how drought management has been embedded as part of the strategic action plan developed by the ACTO and what they have been doing towards building a drought resilience dashboard for the Amazon basin. See full list of speakers below.

Speakers at the webinar:

  • Ms. Andrea Meza Murillo, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNCCD
  • Mr. Edgar Guitierrez, Advisor UNCCD, Former Minister of the Environment, Costa Rica
  • Dr Felipe Montoya Greenheck, Professor York University, Moderator UNCCD CLP-LAC
  • Mr. Waldo Lavado, Deputy Director of Hydrological Studies and Research (SEH) in SENAMHI- Peru 
  • Ms. Sandra Megens, Environmental water advisor, Ph.D. candidate on drought & disaster-risk-governance, Wageningen University 
  • Mr. César de las Casas, Former Executive Director of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO/OTCA).  

We invite all interested professionals to join the community, engage, and be a driving force in shaping a resilient future for Latin America and the Caribbean amidst the challenges of drought. The UNCCD CLP is hosted on the  IWRM Action Hub.