Technical Briefs

Technical knowledge about water resources management, written by the GWP Technical Committee.

Mainstreaming gender in IWRM strategies and plans: practical steps for practitioners, No. 5 (2006)

Technical brief 5
This brief approaches role of women in water resources development.

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Taking an integrated approach to improving water efficiency, No. 4 (2006)

Technical brief #4
This brief approaches the question of efficiency from an IWRM perspective, aiming to help policy makers and practitioners develop a strategic and integrated approach to improving efficiency.

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Monitoring and evaluation indicators for IWRM strategies and plans, No. 3 (2006)

Technical brief 3
The brief focuses on defining indicators as a part of a coherent M&E system. The information and recommendations presented here are based on experiences in monitoring sustainable development initiatives as well as IWRM plans and strategies.

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Tools for keeping IWRM strategic planning on track, No. 2 (2006)

Technical brief 2
This brief describes two project management tools—indicators and checklists— that can help to ensure that the process of implementing a strategy for Integrated Water Resources Management proceeds smoothly.

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Checklist for change: Defining areas for action in an IWRM strategy or plan, No. 1 (2006)

Technical brief 1
This brief focuses on those areas for action that relate to the political, social, economic and administrative systems needed to develop and manage water resources and the delivery of water services.

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