Water ChangeMakers People’s Choice Awards: Time to Have Your Say!

One of the best things about the Water ChangeMakers community is the potential to share learning and interact with each other. What better way to demonstrate that quality than for everyone to participate in selecting their favorite Water ChangeMaker? From 14-25 January you can vote for your favourite change journey.

In partnership with the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS), which will be held on 25-26 January 2021, the Water ChangeMaker Awards is launching two People’s Choice Votes.

Here is how to participate:

  • Select your favourite Water ChangeMaker from the 12 finalists by casting your vote at gwp.org/vote
  • In addition, you can also select your favourite climate resilience journey from sub-Saharan Africa at gwp.org/africavote

Voting is open from 14 to 25 January, and you are free to vote for more than one ChangeMaker and renew your vote every 24 hours. 

The process will conclude with the announcement of the People’s Choice Award winner in respectively the Africa Anchoring Event and the Water Anchoring Event of the CAS, both on 25 January. The Water Anchoring Event will also provide a platform for the announcement of the final podium of the Water ChangeMakers Awards.

Regardless of the final outcome of the Awards process, we know that all 350 Water ChangeMakers are, in fact, winners who have made positive change for water and climate resilience happen on the ground. Here is more information on all the 78 change stories that made it into the semi-final.

GWP will continue to give life to this community, offering regular opportunities to exchange and learn from each other around common interests. We would also like to acknowledge once again our institutional partners and jury members, without whom the Water ChangeMaker Awards would not have been possible.