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GWP Annual Report 2018

Highlights from GWP's activities carried out throughout the network in 2018.
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GWP SAS in Action video

This brief video provides the viewers an understanding about GWP South Asia and its activities (clicking the image takes you to YouTube)
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La voz puede ser un río transformador

Esta publicación de la Autoridad Nacional del Agua del Perú recoge los testimonios de un grupo de mujeres que forman parte de diferentes organizaciones de usuarios de la cuenca Chancay-Lambayeque.
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New Publication on Floods in the Mekong River Basin

This research summarize flood characteristics and impacts on communities in various places in the Mekong river basin through the year of existing records, with total 50 pages worth to read. Keywords: new publication, Climate Change, flood, Mekong, Transboundary River Basin